College is NOT for Everybody!

It literally irritates me when teachers ask students are they going to college after the graduate from high school. I don’t know what the issue is, but some teachers can’t wrap their mind around that college isn’t for everyone. Some people are college material while others are not. That’s just how life is. If a person can’t handle a lot of stress and their mental health isn’t really healthy , then they won’t really do good in college because of the amount of work that is given in college classes. Don’t even mention college tuition. Oof.

To be honest, it’s okay for a person to not go to college after they graduate from high school. You can be successful without going to college. You don’t have to have a piece of paper that shows what degree you earned to be successful in life. To be honest, a lot of people have degrees and don’t do anything with them because it doesn’t benefit them after they graduate from college.


Ohmygod, yes! You could be so successful without having a degree or anything. Like it bothers me when someone judges another for not going to college, like let them do them. What’s gonna happen to you if they do or don’t go college? :roll_eyes:


I’m saying🙌🏼 A lot of people don’t understand that. A person isn’t dumb or stupid if they just have a high school diploma. It’s just that college isn’t for everyone. I’m pretty sure you can be successful with just a high school diploma. I mean in these days I know that the cost of living is a bit too much for people, but that still doesn’t mean that a person has to go to college and graduate to get a high paying job.


Today blue collar (trade type jobs) are where its at. You go to school to earn a skill like welding and you’ll make a good living. Or hell you can slave away at an oil refinery and be able to support a family with the income.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s and I’m about to get a Master’s and I’m working a shitty retail job that’s not even near the career goals I want. Unless you network (which I suck at), your chances of getting a hot shot corporate or government career straight out of school is pretty slim.


That is so right. I was pretty much forced to go to college (in my case, university) and I feel like it was not the correct path for me. I wasn’t even allowed to take a gap year to just clear my head because I just felt very overwhelmed. I ended up hating my first year with such a passion I felt lile crying eveyday I woke up. I’m in my 2nd year now and it’s gotten better, however I just don’t feel that it is the right thing for me

I want to go to college, but I’mma die with the amount of work they’re going with all my mental disorders lmao… I’m still young, though, things may improve :smile:

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To be honest, yeah! People think if you don’t go to college then you’re dumb or something.

The amount of work I have is almost driving me insane hopefully it does get better but things always seem to get more difficult as the years go on.
But it’s all about time management which is something I’m terrible with which is probably why it’s making me struggle more

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