College of Eternity

I just read the ending of College of Eternity and I really liked it! I got the best ending and I never missed an Influence point.
In the middle of the story I thought we were losing the main plot and the mistery, but season 3 really got me involved!
I also loved the chapter about Erissa’s family: it was really sweet and funny.
About the love interests, who was your favorite? I picked Bryle, but I also liked Airin. Also in my opinion there were too many LI.
I was disappointed cause in the end Influence points didn’t matter that much.
Overall I really enjoyed this story and I’m definitely hoping for a sequel. In the meantime I’m reading The Elf King Quest. What about u?
What ending did u get?


Hi! The ending is very happy. I’m sad, because College of Eternity is officialy over (I wanted season 4). I choose Airin. I was team Airin from the start. Right now I’m reading The Elf King’s Quest, just like you. I can’t wait for another chapter.


Part of me is sad and happy. But I love that story so much, especially Erissa and Vanita.

The thing I love the most is the characterization and friendship. Though I love it with all my heart (it did get me invested on the Magical world) it wasn’t without flaws.

Yeah, there are indeed too many, wayyy too many LIs for me and it’s really unnecessary for the story. I picked Bryle because he’s the only interesting LI (beside Airin but Idk, how am I supposed to pick Airin when the story had gone half-way when we met him) compared to Col and Valeria. Col’s character was underveloped and though I love Valeria, I don’t think there are any chemistry between her and the MC (I think Vanita is even a better option as an LI).

I also kinda disappointed that the whole “Saving The Other World” quest was MC killing the mage just like that. Like she’s so powerful it doesn’t need any fight at all 🤦 I expected a big battle with The Order involved…

But overall it was a story that can make me get absorbed to the world and make me feel attached to the characters, even Alastor lol.