College outfits game challenge!

HEY GUYS! Moon here! I wanted to do this for a really long time and I think it’s time we see a competitive side in everyone today YOU episodians are gonna show off your best college outfits it can be for a party! regular school outfits popular nerds gamers frat party! anything! I know college doesn’t have prom but why don’t we just make up outfits for it! there are NO winners or losers but if you want I can choose the best outfit! We are all stressed about school or work or our daily lives so come on over and have some fun! make as many outfits as you want It can be male female plus anything you want as long as you have fun and who knows maybe you will be in WIthin Time with character credits of course have fun and good luck!

Password is



the deadline is on sunday and please put your outfit choice like this

Example outfit Nerd


Bad *** bisssh



Exactly sis you are a bad bishhhhh

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This is a cute idea when you’re sick of coding and need a break ahah!

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