College stories

So with the new collee days contest I feel like I would at least try to enter - the thing is that I have zero inspiration surrounding the theme.

Basically it would be great if someone suggested some stories set in a college etc., just to get some inspiration. Feel free to promote your own college-themes stories as well as recommending other peoples stories!

ALSO… Personally I haven’t been to college yet so I have zero experience. I want to write a realistic story on this topic, nothing annoys me more than reading a college stories and having the characters and teachers act like it’s high school (well, I have no personal experience surrounding college but I do know that it’s completely different - and at least where I live there can be people at all ages etc. so people will most likely act mature in college, realisticly there wont be no cliques such as the popular mean girls right?) Basically, if you have any experience of attending college then feel free to let me know what it’s like so I can portrait it in a realistic way in my story :grinning:

x Puma

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Bump, I’m desperate for help lol

how’s it going now? im also entering and im on my 2nd episode. what i like to do is search up short story ideas and make a plot from that

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Hey! Thank you for relying :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well, I have kinda given up at this point as I couldn’t come up with something new and unique. I really didn’t wan’t to write about this basic good girl/bad boy have to share dorm situation, etc. I guess I could’ve just written about a person starting college and make the story about the characters instead (you know have a bad plot but good character development), but I didn’t find enough inspiration to write something and at this point I think it’s too late for me to start writing something since I’m a very slow writer

Sorry for ranting about this lol, I just had to let it all out :sweat_smile: What is your story about? Good luck in the contest if you happen to publish it! :revolving_hearts:

you can always enter another contest. maybe this one just didn’t spark your creativity. i think that’s what happened.

but honestly no one responded on my forum for tips about writing about college so lol

it’s alright. dont stress yourself

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Thank you for your kind words. Yes, you are completely right. Maybe it’s stupid to push ides, I guess it’s just better to just write when inspiration comes to me.

Well, in case you are joining the contest, good luck!

thank you! i am :slight_smile:

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