College story ideas and plots ? 👀

crazy how many ideas i he getting through my head but i’ve been thinking of making an college story that represents the black americans and african american . the mc would go to an historically black universities as she would be a freshman in college and trying to maybe juggle everything as she is now on her own and also doing the thing she loves . i already know the mc and li would be dark skin so probably gone limit the skin tones … we need more strong black rep main characters and love interest .


Love that you’re doing this idea! What kind of things does the MC loves to do. Let’s start with that. Since you’re adding a love interest, I guess it will have romance in it. Hm, and what kind of college is the MC going to? A college of music? A college of art? etc.

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Ouu yes! Since it’s a college story, you should add drama to advance the plot and having readers wanting more.

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yeah i’m working on tryna come with dat but i’m struggling with ideas n etc .

Sounds great!

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I’m not sure if you’re asking for more ideas to add to the plot, but if you are…

Maybe the MC grew up in a predominantly white environment with a family that always tried fitting in with such an environment. Now that she’s at a predominantly black college it could be a journey of discovering a part of her she never received the opportunity to experience. Like a coming of age story where the thing she loves, led her to go to this school and now she’s discovering a side of her that she didn’t get a chance to in her old environment.

Maybe the journey involving this side of her distracts her from the thing she loves and leads her to fall out with the love interest at some point and it takes self-awareness, growth, and finding balance to get her to a place where she’s doing what she loves, being who she was meant to be and loving whom she desires to love. A happy ending for a black girl that involves normal relationship issues that don’t glorify struggle love though #NOMOREBLACKGIRLSTRUGGLELOVE please!


i love tis :pleading_face: independent black woman :black_heart:

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