Color blindness advice needed!

I’d love to hear any advice from people who dealt with/ have a form a color blindness! :heart:
(Filter help no longer needed)

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What’s that mean?

So color blindness mostly happens in men, but it isn’t impossible for a woman to be colorblind. The reason why is because it affects the X chromosome. If a man’s single X chromosome is damaged, it’s just damaged. If a woman’s X chromosome is damaged, she has a second one to fill for her. Since it is in the chromosomes, it is genetic.

The only way a girl can be colorblind is if her father is colorblind. If her father isn’t colorblind, she won’t be. But even if her dad is colorblind, she still may not be since she has another X from her mother.

People who are color blind actually mix up colors, or some colors look the same. Color blindness is different for some people, but blue and green being mixed up is very common.


I had originally thought episode had a filter that made it appear as it you were color blind, but they don’t :sweat_smile:

and thank you are the information! :heart:

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Ah, I see.

They have a HSL set up, that’d be the closest thing, but it wouldn’t exactly be the most accurate representation of color blindness (from what I’ve read and what people tell me)

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I am personally not color blind, but I can probably help a bit. I wrote a paper on Color for Psychology.

Expanding to what has been said above, its mostly men who are color blind. However, there’s actually alot of men who are partially colorblind like… Mixing up Blue / Purple or Blue / Green. I was talking to my coworker about it and he didnt know he was partially color blind till he had to color code stuff in high school-and his teacher didnt believe him.

Its definitely genetics, and I didn’t look into this but I heavily suspect that color blindness is a dominate trait and so someone who is color blind and has sons, I suspect that the kids will be fully/partial color blind.


thanks for the info!:heart:

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