Coloring with ibis paint x


Im gonna sound stupid so get ready for this… I use ibis paint x to color outlines a lot use it lol but I have seen others like they are great with shading while mine looks like a potato how do you shade or blend I have tried using blur but it doesnt work I have watched youtube videos not much help either lol


Just use PicsArt


Do you use the Gaussian blur?


Gaussian Blur is my best friend when it comes to editing :slightly_smiling_face:


Where is it located?


On the FX button



I use the gaussian blur tool too :slight_smile:
I mean, my contouring still looks like mud but it looks a lot better since I discovered that tool lol


Even I suck at shading and still figuring out possible ways :frowning: I use gaussian blur too but still I’m not satisfied. Hopefully I’ll find someone to teach me that shading part :frowning: :pensive:


Use the trapezoid 20% brush!

If it looks chucky, just blend it with the blur tool


Thank you! I’ll try using that for my next edit :slight_smile:


How do you use it?




I click on Gaussian blur, but what do I do after that?


Slide the bar to whatever level you want.


How do you contour @Mystery.Author Your the best at contouring and I would want to learn your ways! :wink:


Yeah so would I


Tysm but I’m really not! :joy: and really it just takes practice, you can’t be afraid to experiment with different shades :slightly_smiling_face:


Teach me pleease :sob:


I just use darker shades around the face and on cheekbones and then Gaussian blur it, and then lighter shades under eyes and the middle of the nose and the forehead. :grin: