Combining Limelight Features With Ink

on my P.C it doesn’t work am i doing something wrong?

I don’t get why people love Ink, and only prefer Ink.
In my opinion I think Ink looks weird, for examples how your characters look for some animations
and all the wrinkle lines on your character.
Ink just looks like a kid got a big marker and started drawing people.
Also the mouths and face shapes are so off-putting!
And Ink looks so unprofessional.
How can I forget the noses, the nose shapes don’t look more realistic, unlike LimeLight.
MOST not all of the hair for Ink looks like someone drew cartoon hair, colored it, then cut it out.
The legs for Ink are also unappealing.
NOTE: This is just my opinion!


What exactly did you do?

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I agree with you but I only use INK because limelight doesn’t have a lot of actions that I need but far as hair and clothes go; LIMELIGHT is on the money.
My next story will be a limelight story


I can understand that, I agree LimeLight barely has any animations, but there clothes are amazing!

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This is the wrong thread for you to put this in. Site Feedback is for feedback on the forums site, not the Writer’s Portal.

In the future, put threads like this here, and make sure to title things like this:

FEATURE: Combining INK with Limelight

However, I believe this idea has already been covered here, so please do not make a new thread, as that actually decreases your chances of this getting implemented.

All in all, I suggest that you read this post before making any new feature request guidelines:

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It’s a glitch so it doesn’t work for everyone. It works for me, but it doesn’t work for my sister for some reason.

what you said get rid of the write and put character but it comes up with 404 error something

No, leave write and get rid of story at the top

After you create the story and name it;
It should say episodeBLAHBLAH/write/story/NAME
Where is says story change that to character

I have a question! Have any of you guys read “Crush On Mr. Bad Boy” because the question is about that and it’s style

I was going but I haven’t yet

Barely any animations?! :angry:
LOLOLOLOL they have at least twice the animations of INK, and have very specific ones.
While there are many missing, it still has a very sufficient amount of animations that very rarely have to be subsituted for something else.

I understand that this is merely an opinion, and I am not saying limelight has “enough” animations because it was just released last year, and for the animation production to just “stop” would be quite unlikely. Not to mention the fact that there’s many players who still request for more limelight animations. In my opinion, the clothing options are limited, but it is still a “new” style, and overtime more will be added.

I’m not disagreeing with you, or agreeing with you as far as the amount of limelight items; but I do love the most of the limelight animations and clothing options.

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How does it work to combine LL clothing with ink characters?

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you mean having ink characters wear LL clothes?
INK has some LL clothing but not all.

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I thought you all mentioned a way to add clothes from LL not in Ink and use them with Ink characters. Am I mistaken?

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oh no, we were talking about adding LL characters into a INK story

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Oh ok. I was confused. I thought you meant use LL clothing with Ink characters.


Please do you know a website where we can do backgrounds, splashes and covers.

You can download backgrounds from google or Pinterest.
Or download an art tool and make your own, that’s what I do.

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