Come and vote quick please and Thank you (part 2) {CLOSED}


Part two of the challenge. Who do you prefer most?

Damon and Elena :

Toby and Spencer :

  • Damon and Elena
  • Spencer and Toby

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Part 1 : Come and vote quick please and Thank You

@episode.emma :smirk:

Come and vote quick please and Thank You {CLOSED}

I voted Damon this time :smirk:




In show (The Vampire Diaries) is Damon later on in love with Bonnie?


no, but they become friends after getting trapped in 1970 together with nobody else around. except they find someone else in the world when they are out shopping :scream:


Well that is KINDA like book. In book Dmaon is very annoyed by Bonnie, because of her weakness and whining, but in book 5-6 he starts falling for her that’s also when she learns to use witch powers. At the end of book 6 Damon decomes human again, because some fox-like creature (don’t know the name in English) wanted to help Stefan, but this is Damon, his hands everywhere :woman_shrugging:
Well and then he returns to dark dimenson and because Bonnie wanted to stop him, he takes her with him. Now through these ‘holidays’ Damon finally admits to himself that he’s in love with her.
At the end of the book, he sacrifices for her. :scream: After I red the 5th book I was SO shipping them.


Wow thats interesting!