Come Be A Character In My Story!

Did you ever want to be a character in an Episode story as yourself?

Well, you can!

In my story “The Divine Stars” 11 contestants try to stay alive under the sadictic rule of Gamemakers. Would you like to be a contestant? Here’s the link if you want to understand the plot better.

The story is in LL for those wondering.

Just fill the template I have below.

Looks (eye, hair, skin color etc.):
Outfit Preference:
Pronoun Preference:
Backstory if you have one:
Alignment (Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral when it comes to moral questions?):
One superpower your character would have:

I would love to include your characters in my stories! Thank you so much!


Is it INK or Limelight?

Limelight! I truly advice you to read at least Episode 2 to get a good feel of the deadly game vibes etc.

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You can use these if you want

Thank you! But I need their personalities/backgrounds too!

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Name: Roy
Surname: Liotta
Looks (eye, hair, skin color etc.):
Body : Neutral_04
Brows : Arched Natural Scar
Eyes : Round Downturned Wide ; Colour : deep blue
Nose : Defined Natural
Lips : Small heart ; Colour : Red deep matte
Hair :Long Double Dutch Braids ; Colour : Chestnut brown.
Face : Round soft

Outfit Preference: Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid and tomboy type outfits.
Pronoun Preference: She
Backstory if you have one: One and only child of parents… Alcoholic father… Went to rehab center for killing dad when mother was abused by dad… Kumite Sensai… Underground fighter… NYC vigilante… Leader of gang Scared faces…
Alignment (Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral when it comes to moral questions?): Neutral
Personality: Badass, always ready to fight for Justice, Fighter
One superpower your character would have: Water

Rowen is quiet and sympathic. Her heart was broken 5 years ago when her love of her life was killed by her worst enemy when he broke up with her to go to Rowen. She has a twin brother and is studying to be a midwife. Her ambition is to travel the world. Superpower is Turning Invisible

Ayesha is confident, outgoing and flirty. She is easily pleased and can attract any guy she wants. She has 3 younger sisters and wants to be a model. She is single and her hobbies are going out to clubs and going to the gym to workout. Super Power is Changing her Appearance to anything

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Kylie Carter :relieved: .

outfit pref : anything showy & not too girly ( i sound like a hoe sorry lmfaoo😭 )

pronoun pref : she/her

backstory : (@minnehaaa yo b my gf for this pls ) , underground fighter , both parents divorced & living w my older brother or if ion have one , living w @minnehaaa

alignment : chaotic

personality : dark humorous , sweet , sarcastic , caring , mean ( sometimess ) , troublemaker

superpower : eitherrr shapeshifting ( into humans & animals ) or telekinesis

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Name: September Kordelewski
Outfit Preference: Casual, somewhat effortless, black (glasses and the 04/07 cheek scar are required, though)
Pronoun Preference: she/her/hers
Backstory if you have one: Anything she says about herself tends to raise more questions than answers. Her father was verbally/emotionally abusive and turned to Flat Tire and Monaco when he couldn’t handle the stressors of his life. As a result, she’s distant, thinks alcohol tastes disgusting, and for some reason is skilled in psychology and can figure people out quickly.
Alignment (Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral when it comes to moral questions?): Neutral, but easily switches to and from chaotic and lawful depending on the situation or what she wants
Personality: Apathetic*, aloof, blunt, sincere, brutally honest, determined, mildly sociopathic
One superpower your character would have: Reality Warping (can break the laws of physics, control logic itself, is essentially omnipotent)

*If a person is apathetic, it means they don’t care about how other people feel. They cannot put themselves in another person’s situation, meaning they wouldn’t feel sorry for someone whose mother had died. Nothing is internalized: instead, they may choose to put on a show and pretend they care, when in reality, they’re physicially incapable of doing so. Because they feel nothing for others, apathetic people cannot feel love for others and therefore have trouble pursuing relationships.

Name - Minneha

Last name - I don’t care, whatever you want or what’s suitable

Outfit - Black & Red outfits, and probably revealing.

Pronoun pref - she/her

Backstory - She was put in an adoption centre after birth, and grew up there, and when she was 4 she got adopted by a Young Couple, and she grew up in Denmark for the rest of her life, but moved away to (current location in the story or whatever) get a suitable job for herself. From a young age she always did reckless things, and got into trouble a lot so her relationship with her parents isn’t the best. She lives with her current girlfriend @eilyk ‘s character :kissing:

Personality - Cold, sarcastic, rude to strangers, but quite caring & a little nice to people who’s close to her, and is pretty dirty minded, and has dark humour, but very flirty. And without trying, her attractive looks & powers usually gets the attention of guys and girls around her. She often gets misjudged because she comes off as rude at first, but she’s very determined to get something if she sets her eyes on it.

Alignment - Chaotic

One Superpower - Able to control and play with fire, basically do anything with it. :kissing:

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I would like to be a character in your story :slight_smile:

You can change their outfits if you want.


Surname: Misumi

Outfit Preference:
Top: Racer Back Workout Top Ice Camo
Short: Studded Cuttoff Shorts Rocker Denim Grey Black
Shoes: Calf Length Rolled Patterned Socks Short Heel Boots Suede Red Rosewood
Accessories: Woven Bracelet Metal Accents Leather Grey Black, Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver, Thick Framed Colored Accents Blue Turquoise

Pronoun Preference: She

Backstory if you have one: Ayame (14 years old) and her little twins (5 years old, brother and sister) were living with her grandparents when her parents both died by a car accident. Few years later, her grandparents passed away by cancer and heart attack.

She has to drop out of High School to take care of her siblings. She works in several jobs, but she doesn’t get enough pay. She needs money and she willing to do anything to make her sibling happy and make their lives easier.

Alignment (Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral when it comes to moral questions?): Neutral

Personality: Outgoing, friendly, kind hearted, hard working, strong, smart, fun, caring, and she likes to tease people

One superpower your character would have: Ice

Surname: Yoon

Outfit Preference:
Top: Duffle Jacket Cable Knitted Sweater Cotton Red Candy
Pant: Baggy Jeans Simple Belt Denim Grey Light Cool
Shoes: High Top Classic Leather Black

Pronoun Preference: He

Backstory if you have one: His father died by lung cancer when he was 8 years old. He lives with his mother and little sister who is now 6 years old). His mother is sick and she was place by the hospital. He designed jewelry and sell them on the street to make money and he was trying to pay off the debt.

Alignment (Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral when it comes to moral questions?): Chaotic

Personality: Easygoing, funny, fun, player, flirty, silly, childish, and charming

One superpower your character would have: Thunder

Surname: Jones

Outfit Preference: Twist Top Tank Cotton Grey Light, Studded Cuttoff Shorts Rocker Denim Grey Black, Tied Flannel Jacket Flannel Black, Open Toe Platform Stiletto Laced Leather Black, Compas Rose Arm Tattoo Ink Multi Color, Wildflower Tattoo, Woven Bracelet Metal Accents Leather Grey Black

Pronoun Preference: She

Backstory if you have one: Her parents were abusing her when she was young. At the age of 13, she ran away from home and started living in the street. To stay alive, resorted to theft, and when necessary, prostitution.

Alignment (Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral when it comes to moral questions?): Lawful

Personality: Bossy, sassy, rude, short temper, badass, fighter, hate telling her what to do.

One superpower your character would have: Poison

Surname: Lee

Outfit Preference: Sweater With Button Up Shirt Wool Dark Greywarm, Jeans Baggy Wrinkle Denim Black, Boots Motor Lace Leather Black

Pronoun Preference: He

Backstory if you have one: He born to a poor family, he was a sickly child who never quite developed the strength of his siblings.

His parents, unable to afford to provide for him and certain he couldn’t pay his own way, threw him to the streets. He learned hard and fast how to survive by any means necessary.

Alignment (Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral when it comes to moral questions?): Lawful

Personality: Unfriendly, quiet, loner, blunt, dislike annoying people and he can be smartass, he does fight if someone makes him angry and he can be out of control

One superpower your character would have: Dark

If you still need characters, here’s mine:
Name: Adelaide (Nickname could be Addie? idk)
Surname: Carter
Looks (eye, hair, skin color etc.):
Skin: Rose 02
Brows: Arched thick style - chestnut brown
Hair: Updo pony wavy long - chestnut brown
Eyes: Deepset almond - blue deep
Face: Heart defined
Nose: Grecian soft
Lips: Heart shaped pout - pink warm matte
Outfit Preference: Overall Longsleeve Pleated Dress Denim Blue Oxford and Wedge Saddle Laces Suede Tan
Pronoun Preference: She
Backstory if you have one: Had rich parents and didn’t really agree with them, but mostly relied on her grandfather, after he died she moved away from her family, dependent on herself, has no contact with any family
Alignment (Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral when it comes to moral questions?):
Personality: Very sweet, but difficult to get close to, as she doesn’t trust a lot of people. She also tends to keep to herself, and mostly keeps her emotions inside, bottled up. She’s a nice person but a bit of a lone wolf
One superpower your character would have: Teleportation (Can teleport herself, other people and objects?), or control plants/trees/flowers etc, it’s up to you

Heaven &’ Mercedes are foster sister. Also Heaven &’ Jacques are a couple been dating since 9th grade. And Naomi is the girls best friend. All 3 girls live together.

She isn’t afraid to speak what’s on her mind. She loves to have a good time, and she could also make some rebellious choices that won’t end up good. But if you get on her bad side, you will wish you never did. She always wears the latest fashion.

Doesn’t care much for drama, but will stand up if you mess with somebody he loves. He looks like a rude dude but once he speaks he’s a sweet heart. Show affection towards us girl whenever and wherever. Only has about 3 close friends.

She’s a bad a** female, always in some type of drama, doesn’t care what people think about her. She has a bad temper. The scar on her nose was a result of a very very bad child hood. Has a job nobody knows about… has a cold heart and doesn’t care about anybody, only Heaven, Naomi &’ Jacques. She is bisexual.

The mother of the friend group. She is body Positive and try’s to help others with their confidence. Doesn’t like drama and tries to solve the problem as fast as possible. Don’t like to party but once she has a few shots in she is a goofy and fun person to be around. Loves to take pictures. Always wearing a headscarf because of her curly hair.

P.S~ credit @heaven.episode4 on Instagram