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Hiya, anyone up for a R4R or G4G?? If so then drop your link and let’s get to reading or you could just promote your story below if you’d like.

Check out my story
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Title: The Constant Journey
Author: Mystic.Ceb
Description: Esmee has been searching for someone she lost a long time ago. With motherhood and being the top arms dealer around, she has a lot going on. Will the lost ever become the found?
Number of episodes: 5 & more coming
Genre : Action
Style: Limelight
Amazing Cover : @rowenj_epi

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5019330017034240

Rules: Chapter one and chapter two screenshots must be sent before I continue chapter 3. Of course I will send chapter one and chapter two screenshots also.
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G4G list:

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Waiting for screenshots


Hello, I’d like to do a read for read.

Here;s my story info and link:)

Yes! Perfect!
I will get started now and send screenshots shortly to you. :purple_heart:

Hi! I’d love to do g4g, I can do up to 20 gems :wink:

Title: The Fixer
Genre: Drama/Romance
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5771622302416896
Instagram: @dynastywrites
Description: Power, money and influence. This successful Hollywood fixer has the perfect life. But when someone from her past comes back for a favor, everything is about to change.
Extras: Full CC for MC and LIs + 2 LIs + Point System + Choices Matter :sparkles:

We did one before but I don’t mind replaying the story . I loved it. :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Haha yes I was pretty sure we had :rofl: but yes I’m up for replaying if you are!

Perfect you want to do the same. 5 gem per episode. ??

hii i’d be up for both!!

my story is called The Boy Next Door

author name: ꪀꪗꪶꪖ :honeybee:
chapters out: 3

Yes!! Perfect.
I will send screenshots and proof of gems shortly.
Do 5 gems per episode sound good? 3x3

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Hi Mystic.Ceb,

I hope you are fine. :blush:
Congratulations on publishing your story and thanks for the promotion !
I am up to both, R4R and G4G. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Below my link, I hope you will enjoy it :wink:

Title E L I T E
Author Name Iah Miko
Description How will you do when your duty will go against your principles ? Who will you save first ? / Comment feras-tu lorsque ton devoir s’opposera à tes principes ? Qui sauveras-tu en premier ?
Genre Action
Style Limelight
Instagram @iah_miiko

The first 4 episodes are on the app! I’m a french author so I publish my story both in english as in french. Enjoy :wink:


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: E L I T E

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

Yes, I would love too. Does 5gems per episode sound good?

i currently have two episodes with gem choices if that still works :))

Okay so would you like to do two 5 gem choices?? And then 3 R4R

5 is fine for me, the gems support options only appears on my fourth episode so you will have to send me 17 gems on the fourth, i will send you 20…

Okay that sounds perfect. I will send chapter 1 screenshots shortly.

sure we can do that :)) but just to be clear the g4g is as we’re doing the r4r, correct?

Yes,I have 5 gems choices at the end of each chapter. Do you also??

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yes i do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Okay perfect, I will be sending screenshots shortly or in the morning.

alrighty!! i’ll do the same :))