Come find a art buddy!

Wasn’t sure whether to put this here or in the partner category :joy:

So uh… hey! I’m an artist myself and I did have an art buddy but I dont know if she still wants to be my art buddy :eyes; so I made this thread for artists who wanna find an art buddy, like me!

  • Please no being rude
  • blur or dont cuss!

if anyone wants to be my art partner, lemme know! I’d love to work with you! And if you maybe wanna chat on insta, my user is @writsey.m


thanks! ever had one before?

its fun

whats ur insta? Ill add ya

i msged u

I want an art buddy!! :joy::heart:

What is the purpose of an art buddy?, sorry if I sound stupid.

u dont sound stupid at all! well what i did with my last art buddy was, we did a theme each week and we did an art edit of each others character according to the theme! But in my opinion of art buddies, you can also share techniques, advice on art and more!