Come for your art

I’m doing art though not drawn so give the details as in text and background and a screenshot of the character PS I do character edits covers and splashes. Plz credit my instagram @Episode.nikky


Do you have any examples

Yes I do


I also do overlays


Oh brilliant I have quite a few splashes and character covers if that’s okay?

Like you wanna run the thread together

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No :joy: I ment requests for you if you want them

Sure, Gladd to be of use😀

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So it’s all royal themed so you can mix and match backgrounds if you like,
Splash saying

  1. Contains adult themes and adult humour
  2. Read at your own risk
  3. You’ve been warned

Covers - the character with there name and quote

Kalani Aka Blue Queen

These two together
Courtney And Hannah Aka Salt QUEENS

Nicole Aka Stomping Queen

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So the title is

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No title just the names it’s for an intro cover

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Love the cover! How do you make your covers?

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Ibis paint

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Should the splash have strong language too

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Oh yes please :joy:

Your splash

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Could you put the first two queens as blow kiss and the other two first wink and send me the screenshots sorry for the trouble :sweat_smile:

Oh no I’m sorry I want the splashes on just a background and the characters on a seperate one with there name

K so I’ll work on that so you can get the screenshots

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I can only get these