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If you’re having any struggles with directing, don’t hesitate to ask on here

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Yay!!! EpisodeStudio would be happy to help anyone with these difficulties

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So I have a dilemma…
So my character doesn’t do rear animation when directed too think you can help?
Here is the script:
&AMAYA spot 1.820 350 -302
&AMAYA walks to spot 1.820 255 -302 in zone 3 AND AMAYA faces right AND AMAYA is walk_rear THEN AMAYA is rear AND AMAYA faces right

Use does it while walk_rear instead of is

Thank you!

There is enough time between the fade and the next music and for some reason “music music_sadvamp” is not playing, but the previous music is working, I used the fade in the previous music. Here’s a snip of my script.

&ALLISON walks to spot 1.028 72 178 in zone 1 in 2.5 and ALLISON starts walk_exhausted

(Thanks idiot!)

@pause for a beat

@pause for 1.5

volume music 0 2000
@transition fade out black 2

@zoom on 101 445 to 124% in 0
@pause for a beat
@ALLISON spot 0.794 313 240 and ALLISON faces left
@ALLISON walks to spot 0.794 146 240 and ALLISON starts walk_exhausted

@ALLISON starts tinker_loop_rear

@pause for a beat

(This better be good.)

&TRISTAN spot 0.632 160 315 and TRISTAN faces left and TRISTAN starts idle_awkward
&ALLISON spot 0.794 98 237 and ALLISON faces left and ALLISON starts rear
@zoom on 130 404 to 181% in 2
@pause for 1.6

@speechbubble is 137 228 to 94% with tail_top_right

    ALLISON (talk_gesture_rear)
 Care to explain?

    TRISTAN (talk_awkward)
So. Um.

@TRISTAN starts deepbreath

(Just do it.)

@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

music music_sadvamp