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thank you!

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What am i doing wrong here?

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choice (Eleni party)
“Outfit 1”{
@ELENI is dustoff_loop
@ELENI changes into outfit_1
goto clothing_choice
“Outfit 2”{
@ELENI is dustoff_loop
@ELENI changes into outfit_2
goto clothing_choice

if you want to remember this choice you put the following
if (Elini party is “Outfit 1”){
Scene here for Outfit 1
Scene here for Outfit 2

Hope this is what you were trying to do :see_no_evil:

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Ok I am starting my first story. I don’t understand how to do spot placement. Any tips?

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This is what I put in. It is for laying down on a bed. I got the zone right though.

@pan to zone 2

@IRIS spot in 2 500 -9 in zone 2 then IRIS (sleep_uncomfortable)

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Hi! Check out these two threads for spot directing and templates for bed scenes :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!! Very helpful.:grin:


How would you code walk exhausted offset or to a different zone?

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@CHAR walks to spot x y z in zone # in S AND CHAR does it while walk_exhausted

x y z would be the spot placement (use directing helper) or instead write walks to screen left/center/right in zone # etc
S is the number of seconds
Or simply @CHAR exits right AND CHAR is walk_exhausted ( to exit a scene)


How do you do a choice so you can click on it for around 20 times? And if I put an option so you could go back to the first choice if you didn’t like it, how would you make the choice bring you back?

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Sorry for the late reply.
Before the choice that you want to be able to replay, label it something. Then, at the end of the choice, you could write another choice saying ‘do you want to try another option,’ and if said yes, write ‘goto label’ (the word label should be replaced with the label name).

Hope this helped, reply if more help needed :slight_smile:


Not sure if I explained that very well. Do you want me to write an example?

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No your ok Thanks so much!!

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You’re welcome, reply to me again if you need more help. Good luck with your story :grin:


@Alyssa_Epi @ElenLordGames anybody need anymore help?


No not yet. I took a little time off, but you will hear from me soon!:grin:

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Hey everyone!
This is my first message here!
I’m 12 but i think i understand a lot about coding for my age, and i think i made a good base story rn. I’m still busy with the basics of ep. 2 of my first story, and for the scene i want to direct now i figured out how to put your own backgrounds and overlays in a story. I downloaded a bed background and a blanket overlay, and the episode team accepted it. But now, if i try to use it in my code, the script gives me an error because the background and overlay “doesn’t exists”. How do i solve this problem?
I already tried to reload my catalog, script, the info page about my story,… Now i’m desperate. Sooooo, who can help me?

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Hope you’re enjoying your break, but feel free to come back on here when you need help :slight_smile:

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Hello, welcome to the thread!
Please can you send me screenshots of your script? :smiley:


No thank you @MakenzieWritesIG but thanks for all the help so far, I’m sure I’ll probably need help in about 10 minutes though :joy::joy:

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