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I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find a Limelight guitar prop. Can somebody else please reply to @ElenLordGames because I’m not sure…

@DazzledSnowFlake please can you help? :relaxed:


You use @add prop name to character name
Then to remove it, use @remove prop name from character name


Yes but what is the guitar prop called I mean? Thanks.


Actually I don’t know anything in LL because I have never tried it, but if we search in that props option, we can find it I guess.


Thanks for the help guys but i don’t think they actually have a guitar for limelight, I’m sure they had one in BroZoned though, unless Mette uploaded her own x


Thank you @Jade.epi!


Does anyone know why they’re not performing the animations?


I plan on giving @Jade.epi’s advice a try today! :blush: Thanks for asking @MackenzieWritesIG!


use is or starts instead of does it while

check out this thread as well:


It’s okay! Good luck with your story!


Yes, the only time you need to write ‘does it while’ is when a character is walking and doing an action/animation at the same time as they are walking. You should write:

&QQ spot 0.672 228 235 AND GG faces right AND QQ starts talk_airquotes

And do this for the rest of the characters!


Cool thank you guys :rofl:


No problem, hope it works :smiley:


Hey guys how do you zoom in


Use the zoom tool in directing helper. Then click on focus/zoom button to get the zoom you want


thank you!



What am i doing wrong here?


choice (Eleni party)
“Outfit 1”{
@ELENI is dustoff_loop
@ELENI changes into outfit_1
goto clothing_choice
“Outfit 2”{
@ELENI is dustoff_loop
@ELENI changes into outfit_2
goto clothing_choice

if you want to remember this choice you put the following
if (Elini party is “Outfit 1”){
Scene here for Outfit 1
Scene here for Outfit 2

Hope this is what you were trying to do :see_no_evil:


Ok I am starting my first story. I don’t understand how to do spot placement. Any tips?


This is what I put in. It is for laying down on a bed. I got the zone right though.

@pan to zone 2

@IRIS spot in 2 500 -9 in zone 2 then IRIS (sleep_uncomfortable)