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what made it work?


Check out these threads :slight_smile:

HOW TO: Transitions


Sounds good, @Jade.epi! I’ll be sure to give this a try! Thank you! :slight_smile:


I need help with spot directing


hey there i have a question. how do you make your background panning (ex: from zone 1 to zone 3 in specific amount of time) and then have a dialogue also playing while the background is still panning? I know you can’t use command @pan to zone [__] is there any other command?


Use & instead of @ :slight_smile:


So i have to stop at zone 2 first then? I tried to using & to pan to zone 3 but it would just end up too fast


&pan to zone 3 in S
S would be the number of seconds


oh my god i didn’t know we can do this!! thank you sm :sob::sob:


Thank you!


Heyy, I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it. Can you help me?
The blue line is the problem. The line doesn’t work because the camera doesn’t follow the character



try to spot instead of just the numbers try follow olivia to spot 1.2 in zone 2 USE YOUR NUMBERS


So I need to add “spot” ?




That is also not working


what does the warning say now?


ok so


@ARITA walks to spot 0.821 0 -209 in zone 1 in 5 AND ARITA does it while run_jog


Try this


@follow OLIVIA to spot 1.280 137 40 in zone 2” is not a valid directing command


try the one i did but with different spots and with different zones