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How do you make characters talk while on the phone? thanks.

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Hey, @ElenLordGames !

There is an animation called ‘walk_talk_phone’ that can be used when a character is talking on the phone and walking.

You can try this. Hope I’ve helped :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for replying so fast is there anyway to talk and not walk?

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It’s alright, but what do you mean? Do you want the character to be stood still whilst talking on the phone?

Oh no! I’m sorry @ElenLordGames ! I read your first reply wrong! I thought that you had said ‘walk whilst on the phone’ but you said ‘talk whilst on the phone.’ I’m sorry!

thats ok don’t worry yes i meant stand still and have her mouth move whilst she’s on the phone so she doesn’t look crazy :))

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Sorry actually it’s ok ive just figured it out, I just have to change the word walk to talk and voila

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oh sorry again that doesn’t work for them all only one do you know of any other commands I could use?

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There is a few animations for this. If you go onto Episode (on your computer), at the top of the screen you will see a tab saying ‘art catalog.’ Press on that, and go to animations. Use the drop down bar to either select ‘LIMELIGHT FEMALE/MALE’ or ‘INK FEMALE/MALE’ depending on which style you are writing your story in, and if you are using a male or female character. Then, in the search bar on that page, type phone and a list of each animation, and a preview of them will appear. Choose which animation you want and write it into your script. There is happy, shocked, and listening phone animations too.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your story :wink:

Wow yes sorry must have been blind before :)) thank you so much do you mind if I ask something else?

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That’s okay, I understand that coding is hard and it takes a long time to get the hang of it, but keep practicing and you’ll be writing away in no time. And yes, feel free to ask away! I accept all questions that you want to ask! :kissing_heart:

thankyou, so it’s to do with making my character do two things at once so for example I wanted her to exit right whilst doing the exhausted walk animation but it says there is a coding error.

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Alright, this is easy once you know what to do. What is the name of the character you want to exit, and I’ll write out the code you need to use for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

so her name is: Eleni

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Alright. You can copy and paste the coding on the next line but I will try to explain underneath which each bit means so that you can try and do this on your own next time!

@ELENI exits right AND ELENI does it while walk_exhausted

Eleni exits right is obviously what she is doing and which way she is exiting. The ‘AND’ indicates that she is doing the exit action whilst doing an animation. The ‘does it while’ is important because otherwise Eleni would be exiting right, and then doing the walk_exhausted animation. Eleni needs to be written in front of the animation and at the start of the coding to show that it is her who is exiting, and her who is doing the animation.

I hope this has helped you, and good luck writing the rest of your story. If you need anymore help, don’t be afraid to come back to this thread and ask me another question.

Wow thank you so much thats great, sorry to be a pain but i’ve just come across another struggle.
If i want my character to walk into a setting where people are already milling around and don’t all walk on at once, how would I do that?

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I’m not sure what you mean. Please could you explain more?

So I want Eleni to walk on screen into a bar, but when she gets in there i want there to already be people standing inside as there would be in a bar

I have a script error

If you have people already standing in a spot before Eleni enters, then they can already be doing animations, making it look like they were there before she got there