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ok thanks but how do I just put them there without having them walk on screen


If you type @ CHAR stands screen right or @ CHAR stands screen left they will not walk onto the screen


Thankyou so much!!


I’d also like to know how to have my character do the dust down animation whilst she changes clothes so it looks a bit more natural


Hi I need help with an error message I’m getting. the error basically says "you have a { on line 143 that doesn’t have a matching } " this is for a choice that I made but my problem is that it does have a matching } . I also tried deleting the context inside the choice and when I saved that worked but when I put it BACK in it had the same error. I would really appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!


Is it normal for a writer first plan to go wrong? or is it just me?


@CHAR is dustoff_loop


Make sure you have a closing bracket } before your next choice or before you continue the story





what’s wrong here


@AA stands screen right AND AA is dance_club_happy_loop

and so on


Thank u so much.


Ive corrected it and added upscreens and zones etc but they all seem to be standing in front of each other rather than being spaced out how do I space the characters out??


you would need to use spot directing, and make some characters smaller and in the background


I have a scene where people Are texting and I want the text to be shown how can I do that?!


Use female selfie avatar (to show mobile phone). You can find this in props. Then put normal conversations like:
Narrator (A)

But reset speechbubble size and position.


Hello, How Do we Put a Position for a Narrator speach


If you already know spot directing, there is a an option like bubble helper in director help. So you need to resize it and place it wherever you want and then copy paste it to the script.


Is there a video that would help?! I’m sorry I’m New to episode interactive u can say I’m a noob


Hey please don’t apologise, I can share you the link just give me a min.