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So please check this out and if it still doesn’t help, please let me know don’t hesitate. I will search for some other videos too. Also search for Joseph Evans tutorials In YouTube. This helps you alot. You can always ask me anything. If I don’t know I will tell whom to ask. All the best.


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Thank You a-lot, Ya I watch Joseph, but I didn’t find a video explaining this issue, Thank You a-lot,again!!


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if you rather read you can check out my guide as well :smiley:


Thank You, I Will Watch and Read, I Appreciate Your Help


Where am I going wrong?


@CC spot 0.435 300 367
@CC stands spot


thank you
Also how can i have all of those characters appear at once and not one after the other?


use & instead of @ when you’re placing them

For example:
&CHARACTER spot 1.280 123 456 in zone 1 at layer 1
&CHARACTER1 stands screen left


thats great,
but now they’re overlapping her, how do I make her layer 1?


check out my thread about layers and how to use them


cool that worked thank you so much
one more thing, now that i have resized and moved background characters around some are in zones 2&3 and I can’t drag the screen right to edit their placement etc


Use @cut to zone 2 or 3 and edit it and then remove it from the script. Like @cut to zone 2
Edit it then
@cut to zone 3
Edit it. After saving it you can remove these from the script .


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How do I add the spot and scale of a speech bubble to my scrip?