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Go to directing help and then bubble helper. There you can find switch tool scale.


But now my character has dissapeared


Can you copy paste your script ?



&ELENI spot 0.695 162 159 in zone 2
@speechbubble is 78 280 to 65% with tail_bottom_right


so I got rid of the speech bubble spot but now it appears small all the time how do I have it small just for that one scene?


Here you should use @cut to zone 2 to see the character

Use @speechbubble reset


For example:

&ELENI spot 0.695 162 159 in zone 2
@cut to zone 2
@speechbubble is 78 280 to 65% with tail_bottom_right

Some conversations

@speechbubble reset

After this every speechbubble will be normal.



It worked thankyou, do you also know how to flip characters / speech bubbles so that they face a different direction?


To flip bubble speech, use cycle tail.

Flip characters : Do you mean making characters face different directions?
If so use

&ELENI spot 0.695 162 159 in zone 2 and ELENI faces right

Or use left if you want it to face left.
When character faces certain direction speech bubble automatically resets its positions.


cool thank you


how do you make your character exits along the back of the screen rather than enlarge as they walk toward the front?


I didn’t get you. Can you please elaborate? But to exit characters use:

@A exits left


@A exits right


so when the exit I just want them to exit along the back of the screen subtly not walk to to the front to exit


As far as I know, there is no such thing as exiting back, but you can spot direct it like
@A walks to spot… and then use transition fade out. So that it looks like character exits.


Does anyone remember a story from a while ago (classic) where a girl got chosen to be an MC for this band and she went everywhere with them and got to choose between the four guys?


ok thankyou, how would I transistion?


Please refer to this. She has explained it so well.

For basics,
You use @transition fade out black 4 at the end of the scenes and @transition fade in black 4 for beginning of the scene. In the above link she has explained it with even more styles and types.


I don’t read classic stories, sorry. I don’t know.


Yo do you know how to make the text bold?
Wow you look |bold, flash:4| good…
(I cant make it bold???)


Do you need that flash animation???

To make it bold you should go to text effects and click on bold.


Wow | bold | Good

Here, Good will be in bold letters.