Come here for help with your story!

For example:

&ELENI spot 0.695 162 159 in zone 2
@cut to zone 2
@speechbubble is 78 280 to 65% with tail_bottom_right

Some conversations

@speechbubble reset

After this every speechbubble will be normal.


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It worked thankyou, do you also know how to flip characters / speech bubbles so that they face a different direction?


To flip bubble speech, use cycle tail.

Flip characters : Do you mean making characters face different directions?
If so use

&ELENI spot 0.695 162 159 in zone 2 and ELENI faces right

Or use left if you want it to face left.
When character faces certain direction speech bubble automatically resets its positions.

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cool thank you

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how do you make your character exits along the back of the screen rather than enlarge as they walk toward the front?

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I didn’t get you. Can you please elaborate? But to exit characters use:

@A exits left


@A exits right

so when the exit I just want them to exit along the back of the screen subtly not walk to to the front to exit

As far as I know, there is no such thing as exiting back, but you can spot direct it like
@A walks to spot… and then use transition fade out. So that it looks like character exits.

Does anyone remember a story from a while ago (classic) where a girl got chosen to be an MC for this band and she went everywhere with them and got to choose between the four guys?

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ok thankyou, how would I transistion?

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Please refer to this. She has explained it so well.

For basics,
You use @transition fade out black 4 at the end of the scenes and @transition fade in black 4 for beginning of the scene. In the above link she has explained it with even more styles and types.


I don’t read classic stories, sorry. I don’t know.

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Yo do you know how to make the text bold?
Wow you look |bold, flash:4| good…
(I cant make it bold???)

Do you need that flash animation???

To make it bold you should go to text effects and click on bold.


Wow | bold | Good

Here, Good will be in bold letters.

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I’m trying to make two characters hug, where am I going wrong?


Is it showing error?? If so use and instead of then in the 3rd line.

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It says the error is with the 2nd line

so the one that starts with @MARCUS walks to


Remove that -2 and use and instead of then and tell me if it still shows the error? Bcz sometimes it shows error somewhere else. or Can you please post a screen shot of your error message?

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Yeah it worked that’s great thank you

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Mention not :grinning: