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I’m trying to make two characters hug, where am I going wrong?


Is it showing error?? If so use and instead of then in the 3rd line.


It says the error is with the 2nd line

so the one that starts with @MARCUS walks to


Remove that -2 and use and instead of then and tell me if it still shows the error? Bcz sometimes it shows error somewhere else. or Can you please post a screen shot of your error message?


Yeah it worked that’s great thank you


Mention not :grinning:


How do I get them to stop hugging :joy:


:rofl: @A walks to screen left and A is idle and B walks to screen right and B is idle

A and B refers to Marcus and Eleni…


Cool thanks


Hey wait don’t use that, they might walk like ghosts. Use

@A is idle and B is idle

Then use, @A walks to screen left and B walks to screen right. @ElenLordGames


:joy::joy: yeah they did walk like ghosts but it’s fixed


:joy::+1:t2: Good that it’s fixed. Also if you want to ask me anything, please reply to my posts or tag me. Otherwise I won’t get notifications so…


Will do thanks


So i put my character some where and they dont show up for a reason… help?


Can you screen shot your script please?


I took care of it already thanksss


Alright. Good luck with your story :slight_smile:


I’d like to know how to make characters drum and also how to have

@ELENI is play_airguitar_energetic_loop (while she holds the guitar overlay)


There is an animation for playing guitar, look it up on the animation list :slight_smile:


But how do I actually position the guitar so that she is holding it while playing?