Come here for help with your story!


These animations already have the guitar. You don’t need an overlay or prop. (Except the air guitar one)


Getting an idea on how a story is actually put together


Aaa but this is for INK isn’t it?


I’d say make a plot for your story that is original, and plan it out! Make sure to write down what will happen in each chapter so that it isn’t untidy, and make sure they are long enough so that people don’t waste their passes. Anything else you want to ask? :grin:


I’m pretty sure (although I don’t write using Limelight) that both INK and Limelight have guitar animations. I could check if you’d like?


yeah if thats alright :smiley:


Which style are you writing in?




Alright, give me a minute and I’ll check for you! :heartpulse:


thankyou :hugs:


There is some guitar animations!

For these though, you will need to add the guitar prop. Do you know how to do this?


No im not sure how


can I also ask why he’s not performing the laugh chuckle, and just moving onto the armscrossed animation

    ELENI (talk_flirt_coy)
I wasn't scared at all

@DARRIEN is laugh_chuckle

    DANIEL (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Anyway, I say you guys perform in there.


DARRIEN & DANIEL is the same person? Then you’ve spelt the name wrong


omg yeah thankyou :joy::joy:


Lol I do it all the time :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:




Do you still need help with the guitar prop?


Yes please just not sure how to add the prop and position it in her hands


I’ve never used Limelight so give me a few minutes and I’ll figure it out x