Comedy stories about uncommon characters: thoughts?


What do you think about comedy stories? Would you like them to be about uncommon characters? With a bit of romance :thinking:


Love comedy stories, but what do you men by uncommon characters exactly?


I mean characters that you’ve never seen in other stories :slight_smile:
I’m entering the next contest and my story is about this kind of characters. The main characters are the ones from my childhood, characters that my mum talked me about before going to sleep, like: Tooth Fairies, Monsters Under The Bed,…
I’m a little worried that people don’t know them :see_no_evil: but I hope the comedy genre will make them enjoy my story!


Ohh… Well, yes. That’s something I’d be interested in for sure.


I’m happy to know that! :see_no_evil: I will tell you when my story will be out!! :slight_smile:


Great :grin:


I would be up for that!
& yes lots of romance added in.


Romance will be there too! Also, there will be 4 different endings :slight_smile:



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