Comedy Stories to recommend?


I ran out of funny stories to read. I read all of Kayla Sloans’ stories and those comedy stories that are on the top shelf in the comedy section. Please recommend some underrated comedy stories, thank you :two_hearts:


For sure:
H&V : Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader Dad by @J.Miley
It’s hilarious :joy:


Eternally 80s or Dr Casanova by Rexie
A Wild Fire by Cub Fazley


Thank you for the shout out!!


Dirty Sexy Teenagers! It’s amazing :joy:


Hi, I love Kayla Sloans’ comedy stories too! For underrated comedy, I recommend Teen Years by @nrivera .
I have also recently published a comedy called Have You Seen Monday? I hope you can check it out too if you like. Thank you!


I love My Forced Arranged Marriage to my Gang Leader Vampire Bad Boy Boss…And I’m Pregnant! By Clarkie

Check it out:


Just got into the story, and I gotta say… Miche is daddy AF :heart_eyes::joy:


I just checked out your story and loved it, I’m looking forward to the next episode :smiley:

P.S I love Friday :joy::joy:


Thank you so much for reading!! :heart_eyes: Friday is indeed popular. LOL!! :joy:


Lol, I don’t want to sound like I’m advertising, but I actually wrote a comedy story called Shape Shifting Madness. :joy:
Again, I don’t mean to sound like Ima advertising.


You can find some LOL-worthy stories from Episode Knitters website :smile:


:joy::joy: I know right


Kayla S. is one of the best comedy writers on Episode. I totally agree!


Revenge Is Best Served With… has a lot of comedy in it as well as being a thriller


I have just published my new comedy story
I would be amazing if you could check it know :blush:

The Next Stage by Lisa.p


H & V: Levity!


I would recommend Infamous by Kayla S and Flawless by Raisy S


The Old Maid Adventures!


Hey Vivi! A really funny story is Back to the Beanawitzels, that story is so funny! And you get to customize yourself. Totally read it!:joy: