Comedy stories!

Comedy will always be my favourite of everything, I was always the shy girl, but also the Class Clown at the same time, comedy is something that makes everyone feel better, nothing is better than laughing until you can’t breathe and your stomach feel like it’s getting shredded to pieces. Recently I finished all of the comedy stories I really wanted to read, and now I can’t find anything else up to the same standard, so any recommendations?


I would recommend H & V - pregnant by my twin students Gang leader dad. It’s a parodies for all cliches and I love it.


Same here, I love reading comedies, I wish I could find more that are actually funny. I guess I don’t have to recommend Kayla S. stories, because you’ve probably read them, but my other absolute favorite is ‘I Despise You’ by Isabella Costa. If you haven’t read it yet, you should check it out, it’s hilarious.
And finally let me embarrass myself with some shameless self-promotion of ‘H&V: Challenge Accepted’. Poor story is hardly getting any reads and I would love to have some feedback on it since I’m not sure if it’s too sarcastic, too lame or just hard to find.


Cupid’s Arrow: Curmudgeon
The Curmudgeon Saga
both by @KateIsland
Cardigan Diaries is another of hers that’s a RomCom

A Wild Fire by Cub Fazely

Omg everyone is going crazy for that :smile:

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I will!


I found “Life Through His Eyes” by Crystal hilarious!
OMG, MC Noah, his brother,Dwight, & Dad had me in ROTFL with some of their dialogue!

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H & V: Levity! It’s hilarious!


You will see a guy with a pregnant belly!

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I have just published my new comedy story
I would be amazing if you could check it know :blush:

The Next Stage by Lisa.p

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Do you mean why the guy looks pregnant?

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You spolied the scene but good thing I read it


Someone gonna kiss you and it someone from long ago that was a nerd

Yeah that’s why I put with it SPOILER :slight_smile:

Thank you! :blush::two_hearts:

Hey Shani_Theo you should check out Back the the Beanawitzels! That story is so weird and funny. It is really entertaining!:joy:

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Check out Shape Shifting Madness, it made me crack up.

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I love comedy too…I highly suggest Kayla Sloans who writes the best comedy stories ever!

Claire xx :laughing:

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Crossed Paths by @Days

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