Comedy Story Help

I need your help/opinion.

I’m writing a comedy story, I already announced on my instagram @ellahwrites where you can read the descriptions and see the covers and intros.

I don’t know if I’m funny “enough” to write a comedy story (honestly I’m on writer’s block too).

So , I want to know what I what’s your opinion and what should/should not do.

(I don’t know when I’ll publish the story)

Thanks in advance!


Tbh, I am not even that funny writing comedy stories but I think @LiaLopez can help on this one since she’s good at comedy. XD

U don’t really have to be that funny “enough” to write a comedy story, just think or imagine or get some inspiration from a movie or show to think of a cool comedy.


Thank you so much!!!


Aww, you’re so sweet! :smile: - sending you a hug -

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Tbh I used to think this too when I first put my story into comedy. Comedy is a hard thing to pull off because everyone has a different sense of humour and what some people find funny, others don’t. If you’re worried you’re not funny “enough”, my advice is to write your stories/episodes without trying to be funny, but then when you go back to proof-read and test the episode out, see where you have opportunity to add in more comedic moments. Having a beta reader might also help, because you can get someone else to chime in and confirm if your story is funny enough or if they see moments where you could amp up the comedy.


Don’t have characters just be random, it’s not funny. Comedy has to be timed right, and it’s way funnier if it relates to the events in the story. Also, it has to match the characters’ personalities.

Comedy is pretty hard to write, and everyone has a different sense of humor, so just write what makes you laugh.


If you need some inspiration for funny things, watch any episode of Saturday Night Live. Especially when Will Ferrell is on or John Mulaney. They make me laugh so much!
But yeah, you necessarily don’t have to be funny to write a comedy story. It’s not like you’re a sketch. Make the characters funny and you can always find inspiration for that anywhere. I mean I’m terrible at making people laugh, but sometimes i still like to write some stories that end up being labeled as comedy.


Comedy doesn’t always need to be funny all the time. It can be heart-warming, relatable, and bring a smile to the reader, too! :slight_smile:

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You can just make it a light and breezy story (ok it sounds like I’m describing the weather :joy:) with pun lines and awkward situations, weird coincidences, etc. I’m not the best at comedy though


This is exactly how I’ve been feeling too.!