Comedy story recommendations?


what are your favorite comedy stories? i’m looking for some to read.


How to be funny
Meet the adams
Dirty Sexy Teenagers
I know some but i forgot others…


Party Girls
Anything by Kayla Sloans ofc


Pregnant By My Twins Students Gang Leader Dad
The Pact
Confessions of a 40 Year old Bad Boy


Some of my favourite comedies include Teen Years by @nrivera, Dirty Sexy Teenagers: Spooky Stories by Lucky and most stories by Kayla Sloans.

I also have an ongoing comedy called Have You Seen Monday? :hugs: Hopefully you can give it a try. Thanks!


One of the Girls by Amberose is a comedy I believe, and I enjoy it quite a bit.


Thank you so much! Saved me from awkwardly self-promoting

I know a few that haven’t been said yet…
H&V: From Zero to Hero by Dr Smile
Villain Rehab by Caitoriri
The Next Stage by Lisa P
Challenge Accepted by Annie Edison
It’s a BOY-GIRL think by Fmr


My absolute favourite is ‘I Despise You’ by Isabella Costa.


I am so late to the party, but thank you dear! I also recommend Have You Seen Monday? - if you’re in for a story with a unique spin and a comedic thrill :wink: