Comedy Writing Contest!


Hey guys ! :v:t2: Episode is always creating new contests and even If i don’t work there, I can give it a shot!.. I GIVE YOU…
A Comedy Writing Contest!!
Writers , if you want to enter, simply follow these instructions! Ask any questions if needed.

  1. Writer has to have 3 episodes published by May 7th! 3 is only the minimum; publish as many as you want, but it has to be OVER three episodes.

  2. Writer must include C.W.C in the title of the story! The episode story will be disqualified if so.

  3. Ten episode stories will win a spot in the forums in an announcement and Creator’s Corner thread!

  4. If you wish to enter, answer this thread and say your username.

That’s All! Remember, MAY 7TH!

With Love,


What’s a C.W.C?


Oh wait, nvm. :joy:


Yup. :confused:


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post :v:t2:


thanks Ryan


I would love to enter the writing contest :smile:
Username: Joqueena




Do I just need to write my username to apply?


Yeah, I got lazy and I didn’t make a google form :grin:


So, my name is Nightary.
My account on Episode is : Lisa E. Smith


My author name is : Ava L Cassidy
my name is: Ava


My name is Debbs

My author name is : Debbs A. Anderson


Name is Reese
Name on episode is Cass W.


Hi Claire,

I have a comedy entry for the H & V contest but I would be pretty surprised if I was selected as a winner since I have 68 reads at the moment :smile:
My story was published on 26th March, so just by the time you announced this contest. Can I enter by changing my story title?

My user name is Annie Edison.




Yes of course!


Cool, thanks!



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