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Let’s get this thread going with some comic book love! Share who your favorite characters are, what’s your favorite series, pics of any comic or graphic novel related treasures, etc. I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge Marvel or DC fan but can appreciate most of the artwork due to many of the illustrators and creators moving over to my favorite publisher, Image Comics. Some of my favorite characters and series would have to be Spawn, Savage Dragon, Pitt, Youngblood, Wildcats and mostly 90’s Image titles. Gonna share some of my collection below when I have the time. So what do you all like? :smiley_cat:


oh wow! I’m lovin’ this thread! I’m a huge fan of DC and Marvel alike, but from the comics aspect, I’m a huge fan of the Killing Joke <3 The Joker’s backstory is really something everyone needs to know about.


Right? The child friendly version of Joker just doesn’t cut it. If people only knew what Joker and his gang have done in the actual comics…especially Killing Joke. Could be a a little bit much for some to handle though.


Exactly, and that’s the reason people don’t sympathise with him much, which is a pity. whispers I love sympathizing with the likes of villains


but is it really his backstory tho? can we trust the memories of a madman?? cue dramatic music!


asdfghhjjlkl I love unreliable narrators too

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I only bothered to see the movies, don’t really know if I should read the comics. But, coming to think of it, I don’t recall seeing any comics in the stores. Is it because they don’t really sell them anymore? :neutral_face:

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You just have to find a comic store! That’s where they’ll all be hiding :slight_smile:


Thx! :slight_smile:

That seemed obvious, but now I need to find a comic store:confused:


Barnes & Noble also sell comics but in graphic novel form.

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Ok! Thx! :blush:

Anybody else seen Black Panther? Saw it last week and I’m frantically trying to find the comic books online!

It was amazing! They’ve absolutely outdone themselves. Went on first day first show and it was nothing but awesome.

nothing but respect for King of Wakandaaaaaaa

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Nou they do sell them in a lot of places. Do you have Virgin Megastore in your country? Or Kinokuniya? They sell ‘em there. :wink:

Also you can find comics online, just type the name of the comic, the series number and they almost always show up. Most of them are free too! :slight_smile:

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I loved it too! Such an amazing character I just hope he doesn’t get lost among all the other heroes in infinity war…

gosh I’m pumped for his appearance (and Shuri’s !) in IW though :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

whispers I heard that just like in the comics, Killmonger is gonna be resurrected in the second installment

asdfghhjlk too much excitement

Killmongers death was actually really sad. In the trailer he comes off as your stereotypical villain but once you watch the movie and learn his true motivations and especially what happened with his father it made it more emotional than I expected. Really hoping he comes back!

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I AGREE. I was feeling all sympathetic at the end but y’know what

he’ll come back mwahahaahahah

And when he does he’ll be better than ever!! (Fingers crossed)

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Found this one in a ten cent bin the other day. Definitely a fun read!