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Update: I actually found one of my Youngblood Strikefile issues signed by Jae Lee w/COA.

Anyone have any autographed stuff or any prized gems that you want to share? I got a pretty cool statue that I plan on sharing with everyone in a bit. Just need the time to take the pics!

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The cooler signatures I got are Chris Claremont’s, Neil Adams’, Adam Kubert’s and Fiona Staples’ (on a beautiful poster of Lying Cat from Saga!). Those are the honourable mentions :slight_smile:


Found some more of my fav’s with COA’s. My Pitt Hulk is pretty awesome looking. Big Dale Keown and The Maxx fan! Also didn’t get to read this run of PVP yet. Heard it’s pretty good.


So I went to my region’s Comic Con this year and it was amazing! I purchased the Marvel Star Wars Vader Vol.1 and can’t wait to get into it!

ALSO I MET EZRA MILLER TODAY AKA THE FLASH. He was the nicest person and he’s so sweet and he has the same charisma he emanates in his films and I was fangirling so hard though I had to wait for an hour and a few minutes to see him. :heart_eyes:


That is too exciting! Is this the first con you have been to? When I went to Pax East in 2012 I got to meet Suda 51 and Jessica Nigri (video game con). Had a pretty fun time :smiley:


That’s cool! It is actually my first Con since I’ve just moved back to my home country where they host these Cons every year, previously I was living in a nation where they don’t really have Cons. It was really awesome! The cosplayers were so creative.

There were many artists this year from One Punch Man and Iron Man (Bob Llayton) and more, but I didn’t get to see them unfortunately. :roll_eyes:


Girl! You are so lucky! I’ve been wanting to meet Ezra since forever! I hope you enjoyed it, sounds like you did.

This reminded me, this year is the first year there will be a Comic Con in my city (there’s one every year in another city but going there is complicated + I don’t like that city haha) and I’M SO EXCITED


I did- it was amazing :smile:

Yay! Let us know how it goes! :call_me_hand:t2:


Ok so I kinda need to let my feels out because I just watched Avengers: Infinity War so…

A NO SPOILER review of Avengers: Infinity War:


The entire movie is so pretty. :heart_eyes: Like the colours are just so beautiful in every shot, scene and angle. I wouldn’t compare it to Black Panther because that movie had more vibrant rainbow and nature colours (don’t know how else to describe it sorry). Infinity war is more dull with contrasting colours but shiny at the same time?? Basically a lot of gel lighting if you know what that is.
The dialogue and flow was SPOT ON! There were so many great one liners and comic relief at the right times that just make it so satisfying.
The plot twists were everything though. Like everyone in the cinema was whipping their heads back in shock. There were tears and laughter throughout the movie. (Remember to bring a FULL box of tissues).
Overall, I think the trailers were trash in comparison to the actual movie. It lives up to the hype and more! Honestly, the trailers barely skim what the movie is like at all.

Kind of, sort of spoilers but not really? Unblur at your own risk.

I felt as though sometimes there was a bit too much of some certain scenes. Like the movie felt more like Guardians of The Galaxy 3 or something. All the backgrounds were SUPER COOL but felt a bit overused at times.

NZ got to see the movie extra early if you’re wondering how I saw it. :wink:
Totally recommend this movie. :+1:


What is everyone getting tomorrow on Free Comic Book Day?! Too excited for this but can’t make it to a store ;_; But if I could choose one it would definitely be the Overwatch comic from Dark Horse.

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Has anyone seen avengers infinity war??


Girl don’t even get me started on comics… my forte is Batman and now Batfamily graphic novels and story. I literally have like little over 100 comic and graphic novels lmao

I’m writing a murder-mystery with romance and comedy, and its really hard to not sprinkle it with Bat references.


Don’t mind me. I am just going to leave this here.

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Captain Marvel, Or Carol. I love her! She’s a very strong, determined and unique character who depicts pure feminism and lady-strength. Although I do love DocStrange and B.Panther, my first favourite comic book character ever was Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel. She’s also the idea from where I get my fancies for short haircuts. If a cool gal like her can, so why can’t other girls do? Agreed that she’s fictitious, but she’s still made not only for the purpose of providing entertainment, but also for inspiration. So are all the other comic book heroes who inspire us to do good in every way we can. And we should, we really should.

Her allies are awesome too. She’s mostly associated with militia and armed forces stuff (another reason to love her!) in real form. In superhero form, she’s associated with Kree. Ya, that Ronan stuff you saw in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Captain Marvel is set to come in March in the coming year. Hope it would be as amaze-balls as it’s in the comics! :blush:


Bumping to avoid archiving :wink: Have some awesome pics of comic character statues and autographed comics I have :slight_smile:


Didn’t get to add them yet. Will try my best to throw up a few pics tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I used to read a lot of Thor comics, I liked the Warriors Three a lot. I also read a ton of the My Little Pony: FiM comics.

I don’t read them as much as I used to. I remember really liking The Runaways when I was younger, but I stopped reading shortly after Klara was added to the team.

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I read House of M and it was amazing

Is anyone a fan of Young Justice here? :eyes:

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