Coming Out to my parents that i'm trans?


Ummm… This is how I use the internet nowadays :rofl:

No, but seriously, I need help coming out to my parents about me being trans. I am nervous, because they might not accept it.

I-I need advice XD


Do you know their opinions on LGBT+ people? Like if they are ok with people being lgbt?


No idea


Try and do something just to make sure you’d be safe if you came out. Maybe watch a movie with characters that are also trans, or just LGBT+ in general, just to see if they freak out.


You have to make sure (the best you can) that if you do come out, you aren’t putting yourself in danger


I think you should just tell them head one. Not straight in their face, but kinda warm up to it. They’re your parents and they should love you no matter what gender you are.:sparkling_heart:


Then again I am a quiet little closeted pansexual that has basically no experience with something like this


XD Well, we all have to come out eventually.


In fact, this was so heartpounding to upload this to the forums.


If you know one of your parents’ friend that you’re sure is okay with LGBTQ+, try to come out to them first. Then ask them to bring up something regarding LGBTQ+ and see their reaction.


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No, I moved to a military base in Naples, Italy.


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I like to say that I wrote my mum a letter when I came out as bisexual. What really happened, though, is that my mum’s nosy and I’d written a script for an assembly I was doing at school where I came out. Letters work really well, though. Of course, I’m in no way saying my experience is the same as yours, but I find they’re a good tactic in general. If you’re afraid, try to write it all down in a letter. It can be a lot easier to get your words out and you have much more time to think about what you want to say and say it in the right way. Also, it means you can disappear to a friend’s for the night and leave the letter there so they have time to cool off once they’ve read it.