Coming Soon: Account Settings on the Writer's Portal!

Hey Episodians,

With today’s update to the Writer Portal, you might’ve noticed a small change to the navigation bar, where we’re now showing your Profile avatar and your Author Name (if you’ve added one).

For example, here’s a screenshot of what it could look like with your Author Name and Profile avatar:

… and here’s what this could look like when you don’t have an Author Name or Profile avatar:

While right now, what you’re seeing is just a visual update, it’s actually also a hint at some exciting work that we’ve been doing to revamp our Account Settings to make them more useful.

We know that there’s no good way to manage all of the your stories in your account (or even the automated emails for that matter), so our goal with the Account Settings revamp is to give you some of the controls that you’ve been patiently asking for for a while.

Our team is really excited to invite you to participate in a beta test with these features soon – so stay tuned for our next update on this as we’ll have more details on how to sign up!

In the meantime, here’s a preview of the updated “Account Details” view:

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues or have any feedback on the new changes in the update.


The Episode Team


Ohhh I like it!


I love it!!!




Can’t wait!


Yessssss this is just what I need!


This seems cool.

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@Jesse I’m happy with this progress :heart:

I’ll show you how my writer’s portal looks now.

This is the entry. It looks quite fine, only my profile pic is not there.

This is how it looks when I enter to my stories. As you can see the header and the footer doesn’t stand as they should. Or maybe I should say the right sidebar runs out of content. And again my profile pic isn’t there.

When I click on my name top right, I don’t have what you have shown. I still have that old small window with name, bio and email preferences.

But I also don’t have profile pic on my app any more. It’s gone since last update. I already notified Support and I’m patiently waiting for solution. :heart:

Besides photos I sent here are from phone google browser, maybe on computer everything looks better. But nevertheless I know that pages must be mobile optimized. :heart:


YAAAAY, I love it! :smiley:

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@Jesse Let say you using your old email account to write your story on the “Writer Portal”, but you have a new email account that does not connect to the Episode Interactive. Is there possible way that you can change your old email that connect to Episode to the new email that you want to use?


Love it!

I love this! But what’s with the connection to the site not being secure? Will that be fixed in the future?

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Personally, I can’t wait for them to remove or do something with the (currently useless) “manage your stories” button. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say it just takes them to the story they’re currently working on. So it does the exact same thing as the other one.


I saw it <3

I am waiting for that too

Right. Because my old email that I’m using is my personal account and the new email is my stories account and I want to switch that to my new email account. Hopefully I get a response about that and hopefully that’s possible.

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Yay! Does this mean we can finally delete stories?

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Does that mean we will be able to delete stories that we no longer want?

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Great minds think alike!

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