COMING SOON: Create Your Own Limited CC

Hello everyone!
In the next couple of days, I am releasing a Google Doc to my Linktree ( that explains how to create your own Limited CC script, with the codes ready to go for you to copy and paste!

First, I teach you how to make your primary options menu with a base code for you to work from. You can pick and choose which options to offer (e.g. only hair and lips, only body and hair, everything but the body, etc).

Then, I give you a bunch of different variation options (all copy and paste codes), like only having the option to change the hairstyle or the option to change both the hairstyle and colour. These also include POC only options, such as only having monolid eye types, only darker skin tones under body colour, etc.

Then, I teach you how to remove specific options, like a particular hairstyle or eye shape.

In the end, you get a totally personal Limited CC script to use in your story!

Excited? So am I!

I am looking for some POC community members to tell me which hairstyles they think are POC ONLY, and which can be used for either. I have a good idea, but I am not POC myself and want to be 100% sure.

Until its release, let me know in the comments if you’re excited for it, if you think it will be useful for you, and what you would like to see in the future! AND don’t forget to check out my super easy Gender Selection Template for allowing your readers to choose which gender they’d like to present as while playing!

All my love,
Lily B.


Bumping! Still looking for POC community members to help x

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I’m afro-latinx, I’d love to help!

Thank you! In your opinion, which features should be POC only? Which hairstyles and body colors? Would you say anything above Neutral 2 or 3? Let me know! x

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For poc did you want all of them like latinx, asian, African American?

Yes! Generally speaking, non-white x

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Gold 02 and above
Copper 03 and above
Neutral 04 and above

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Thank you so much! I’ll use this information going forward x

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Ooh, Thank you!!! I’m one of those people who will read this and then just use a dara amarie template because to much work :joy:, but it’s great help!

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this is such a great idea , i’m a poc & would like to help :two_hearts:

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Haha, no worries. I’ve seen her name around. It’s easier than it sounds, it’s all just copying and pasting but I add the teaching element so that writers know why they’re doing what they’re doing! Either way, thank you for the support x

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Amazing thank you! What’s your background? It’ll help me with which question to ask haha! Not sure if you identify with the Afro hairstyles and such or other ethnic / POC groups that are represented in Episode x

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Lol I’ll read it anyway, but at one point my tiny brain can’t take it any more :joy:
Oh and thanks for the bedroom background, I’m loving it!

Oh you had a look at that? It’s almost completely done and ready with overlays and such to go with it. Just working on those final details this week. I’m glad you like it! More to come soon, and I’ll be taking requests on the forums for in-demand backgrounds.

And no stress, worst case it’s very simple for me to put one together should anyone (like yourself) find it too much to read through. I enjoy helping people with coding so the offer is there! :sparkles:

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my ethnicity is african american , panamanian , & west indian :blush:

Great! Could you (when you get the time) list which hairstyles you think are exclusive to characters with an African background? I have a good idea but I get a little confused where some of the curly hairstyles are concerned. Thank you so much for being willing to help x

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i feel like all curly hairstyles are like exclusive to characters with african backgrounds but i feel like the short voluminous curls , is a more realistic african / african american hairstyle , all of course the braids & the dreads are exclusive to characters with african / african american backgrounds :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you include:
Long Curl Half Updo
Long Voluminous Curls Loose
Medium Curly Solid
Medium Shoulder Curly + Updo Version
Side Part Curly Asymmetrical

Or are some of those also able to be used for non POC? Because there are definitely white folk out there with very curly hair.

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people who aren’t poc can use those because it’s very possible for quite people to have curls but the braids and the dreads are a no but i feel like shoulder curly should only be used by poc

No worries, I figured as much x Thank you so much for all your help!

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