COMING SOON: Speech Bubble Style Update & Larger Episode Scripts!

Does anybody know when these are coming out ?

Good question. The general answer is soon, but for a specific date, Episode hasn’t revealed it yet.

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Off topic but, can anyone tell me which background was used in the second row of screenshots (the one with the purple speech bubble)? And what filter was used on the first row of screenshots, like, what hsl settings might that be?

Not sure if there’s an hsl setting, but the bg is

I had the ‘toaster’ speech bubble style for a while but then it went back to the original. Why?:woman_shrugging: :frowning_face:

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@uc-nerve If you’re talking about the new speech bubble style, they have reverted the update until they’ve developed a patch for the speech bubble placement.


Episode, I would really like to choose my speechbubble sizes. I have over 100 episodes and I’ve worked hard to position the speechbubbles exactly how I want them.
Who else likes this idea?


I’ll be honest, I will MISS the current speechbubbles, but I still do like how you will be able to switch them up, and won’t have to name your stories Mean Girls or Demi Lovato.


What do you mean? You can do that now, right?

I don’t think so. I don’t mean the color, I’m talking about the style. The new speechbubbles are smaller now and the placement is messed up.


We should be able to keep the old one if we want or to change to new one. I don’t really like the new style. And I’m worried about my 7 episodes :no_mouth: and you have 100 :scream:


Oh okay thanks

I need to be able to change my current story’s speech bubble style.


lol same.

Are the new speech bubble out yet? If not does anyone know when ???!

Ask one of the Episode Admins.


same. a lot of my stories will have a darker tone, so i’m glad that they’re doing this.

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What are the chances of all the current speech bubbles style getting released, when the new style comes out? :sweat_smile: It’d be amazing when we are picking the style of the story, (ink, classic, limelight), cinematic or spotlight, there would be a feature to see and choose a speech bubble style from all the ones we’ve seen (PLL, Cameron, Demi and Mean Girls’ stories, the one by default, and these new updates)… it may sound too much, doing it this way, but I think everyone will be please to have this choice… I, for one, been using Demi’s style, and before this threat, I wanted to continue using it for all stories I’d publish. Maybe there’s a way to keep the old ones, since they already out there and working? :thinking:


I just wanted to ask if we’ll be able to change the speechbubbles in the stories we already started! What about those who are already published? How can we change it? :slight_smile: