COMING SOON: Speech Bubble Style Update & Larger Episode Scripts!

Did I tag the Forum Admin (@Jeremy) ? If I didn’t, I did now. If you are reading this, please explain if we will eventually be able to change the color of the speech bubbles and if so, when.

@Jeremy Nevermind. I saw your other post. As I said, I guess when you have information, you’ll post it then.

I also reread the announcement and it seems we are only getting the larger text now, not the option to change the color and style.

Hi @Booklady1017. I’m sorry but the moderation team has nothing to do with the productivity of the app. We are in charge of the forums. Sorry we couldn’t be any more help with this but you might be able to submit a ticket to see if the support team has any additional info that we might not have. Thanks a bunch! :grin:

As far as I know, they are just slowly releasing it to the readers now (to the app), and when they will fix all bugs, then they will release it to the writers (to the writer portal) and then you will be able to choose the style of the speechbubbles in your story :slight_smile: (read it somewhere on the forums, don’t remember where) :grin:

found it

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Is this out already, for the web previewer?

Looks like it’s out now. Or at least rolling out.
Just noticed this when I logged in.

Edit: Just noticed that they officially announced it :joy:


No problem. I kind of figured out what is going on anyhow. I think. Thank you anyhow.

Thank you. This was exactly the information I was looking for!! :smiley::smiley:

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No problem :blush:

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Thank you!! :smiley::smiley:

I love them :heart_eyes:

:laughing: YES!!

Why I only have the new speech bubble but not the episode feed where you can interact with followers and Authors?!

It’s not out to everyone yet

Oh how long you think it will take for everyone to get the episode feed?!

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I heard nothing about any updates for the feed. Are they still testing it?

I have no idea, it’s still in a testing stage.

How large is the script?