COMING SOON: Speech Bubble Style Update & Larger Episode Scripts!


Omg :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::laughing:I didn’t even know that was a hack lol for real just something they didn’t release officially idk

Hacking the system in 2016? Well, great your 2016 post is still there, probably embarrassing you :grin:


If we could get black, white or yellow speech bubbles, I would be forever grateful.


Same! I would be happy if we could choose from different colours and styles.



P.S. Those box styles look a little like the sample styles I provided in my feature request from the old forums :thinking: Is that where the inspiration was from??? :wave:t2:




Awesome! Switching between speechbubble colors would be nice and having longer episodes will totally appeal to readers that value their passes! Also wish we could delete stories that we published but maybe someday…Anyway, thank you for everything that you do Episode team >3 We love you!


Omg people had the error: “script too large to save”? I’ve never seen that before.

What in the hell are you guys writing? A one chapter story?

My goodness!

But I’m so excited for the speechbubbles!!!


And a multi-uploader for backgrounds and overlays so we can use our time more efficiently, instead of uploading for hours.


Great news indeed.
It will take a while to get used to the new fonts etc., but we’ve been there. I hope the speechbubble sizes haven’t changed a lot, it would be sad to tweak the placement again… But I’m really happy about this, especially if we get to choose the style AFTER we’ve created the story. Thank you!


I’ve never seen it before either… I think it’s reserved solely for branching Gods with infinite patience :joy:


I thought of your final chapters when I saw this!




YES!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! :smiley:

yes yes yes


THIS IS AWESOME I love the new styles. :heart_eyes_cat:






Yass Episode!!!


I’m sorry but the name tag looks so awful and draws too much attention, taking away the visual appeal. The rest of the speech bubble update is okay, kind of unnecessary though. But thank you for extending the script limit!




Will the backgrounds behind the ‘NAME HERE’ be there? Love the bubbles but not too keen on the background for the name part…