COMING SOON: Update to Limelight Skin Tones!


Hello Episodians!

It’s been about a year since we released Limelight and we wanted it to be a style that could be more inclusive, and more technically advanced than INK. At the time that we launched, we decided that it’d be better to launch sooner with some imperfections (so that you guys can start using the new style we’d been teasing for months), rather than waiting to get everything perfect. Now, we’re finally getting a breather to go back and get Limelight up to the standards we’d set for ourselves. We’ve been working on updating the skin tones and colors available. We wanted to share our progress with you and get your feedback before we rolled them out to the Portal in the coming weeks. In addition to that, we are releasing 4 new colors, bring the total up to 40!

As a heads up, when the updated tones go live on the portal your characters in any Limelight story you are playing or writing will be updated to whatever the newly mapped color is. We recognize that this may be less than ideal for many of you and we apologize in advance for any trouble this causes. We wanted to let you know about this well ahead of time!

Before we set these live we would also really like to get your feedback on two things:
What do you think of the proposed map of the original tones to the updated ones
What do you think about the new naming convention

Here you can see the proposed map of the old skin tones to the new ones:

And here are just the updated versions:

The original naming convention gave each color a specific name “Brown Neutral,” “Beige Light Rose,” “Tan Gold,” etc. We felt like this naming convention wasn’t the easiest to use and want to update it to be more reflective of the base color that form the underlying tones for each. The proposed new naming convention would be Neutral, Rose and Gold with a corresponding number between 0-9 indicating the saturation of each color.

POLL: Which naming convention to do you prefer?

  • I like the original names best!
  • I like the new names!
  • I think we should do something different! (Comment your suggestion below)

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BONUS - When we release the updated skin colors to the portal we will also be including an updated Character customization template which will include all 40 variations!

As always we are looking forward to your feedback below or you can message our support team.

With love,

The Episode Team

Update Many of you have expressed concerns about what will happen to your existing Character Customizations if we do end up going with the new naming convention. If you do not edit or update your chapters your existing CC will continue to work as readers come across them. However, the skin tone names will be mapped to the new colors.

Update 2 (June 20, 2018)
Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts about the Skin Tones update. We’ve read what you’ve all had to say and have tried to incorporate what we can into palette before we release them to the portal. Based on your feedback we’ve added two new color families Copper and Ash and tried to map the original colors to the new ones a little more closely.

Original and New Map

Complete New Palatte

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes we’ve made!

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Ooohhhh yay! Can’t wait


FINALLY! YES! I LOVE THIS! :heart::heart:


Love this, but you changed some of the really nice skin tones, such as: Fair Neutral, Tan Neutral, Tan Deep Neutral, Brown Neutral, Beige Light Rose, Tan Gold, etc. I love the new skin tones, but maybe you could have both the old and the new for even more variety? This is amazing, nonetheless :smile: :two_hearts:


I like the original names because I don’t want to have to go through and change all my customisation templates… :upside_down_face::joy:
(I know a new template is going to be released, but mine are already created with twins, parents, siblings etc coded in, so I couldn’t just replace my current template with the new one.)

I do like the actual colours. The progressions between the shades seem a lot more subtle than before. I currently use tan gold and on some devices, I do look really gold lol. Gold 4/5 looks more natural to me (at least in the attached image).


These look great! Just don’t change the names so people have to go through all that again.


Is Limelight going to finally get some script templates? Because I don’t get why they can’t give us the templates they give INK (besides customization templates), as the height and other specifics between the two styles ar basically the same. :thinking:


I love the different varieties, but could some of the old colors that had a huge change in color - (Fair Warm,Beige Lights, Beige Natural, Tan Deeps, Browns,etc) still be available in the portal so there won’t be a dramatic change in our characters?


Love the new skin tones. Much much better than the old ones, but…




This is absolutely amazing Episode and I’m loving the new skin tones, a lot more variety to choose from! :heart_eyes:


I like the new names, and the new tones because some of them looked really unrealistic at time lol. But how will it work for pre-existing customization templates? Not the character goes to character avatar one, but the ones where we specifically say “changes bodyColor into Fair Warm”, etc.
Will it come up with an error in our script?
Will it cause errors for the people who try to read an episode containing the old color names?
Does this mean if we change the names, we’ll have to update our templates as soon as it goes live to avoid readers having problems changing skin tones?


I’m internally crying at the idea that they could change this and suddenly I’ll get fanmail “your CC template doesn’t work. Why can’t I change her skin colour???” :sob: And of course the fact that I’ll have to spend time redoing it all… lol


. I liked how orange that one skin color was , because I had a character that got a crazy tan :triumph:
The newer ones do look way more realistic though, which gives me more to work with.
I think , Instead of DRASTICALLY replacing a few of them , you guys should’ve just added the “new” ones. I do like some of the changes and the new names though :blush:


I agree with @Dara.Amarie, please do not change the names. And for some the skin tones that changed a lot, would it be possible to have both of them? For example, beige light rose; the new one is seemingly different to old shade, so maybe the new one can be under a different name :thinking:


Exactly! I’d have to go back and edit all TWELVE of my templates!

Plus the new names are kind of lame. At least with “brown” or “tan” we can tell that those are the brown and tan colors lol. The numbers next to the names are pretty wack.


i loooovvveee this. thank you!!


i agree!!!


Why don’t you just use mine? I mean it’s already there lol :joy:


I generally like these quite a bit. A few of the old skin tones (Tan Deep Rose, in particular) looked so unnatural that it made them hard to use, but these have been shaded well.

My only issue is that some of the darker skin tones look like they’ve been noticeably lightened. Please keep tones like Brown Deep Neutral in addition to the newer skin tones, at least until you can replace them with updated ones that are just as dark of a shade.

I would heavily, heavily encourage the team to release these, but continue to expand the new skin tone catalogue further. Darker skin tones are needed. Lighter skin tones for characters with albinism would be a positive step as well.


My gosh, can’t wait!!