COMING SOON: Update to Limelight Skin Tones!


I’m not sure if they are the final colors, but apparently some colors are slightly darker and gold ish/red ish than the old ones. I had to change my characters skin tones, because they one they transitioned to, aren’t nowhere near to what they had.
Hmm yeahh, I thought all the colors of one family would be in one row, too… :woman_shrugging:t3:


Thats why i changed every character with that nose lol


It’s a CC character though, so if I change the nose, everyone will have it


I agree, they look dirty. I also had a character that was pale rose or something like that and now I can’t find anything suitable for her. I wanted her to be fairskinned with a little blushing, but nothing like that in the new list.


I know that there’s a few templates on this website: here


My story now has to be delayed because I can’t use the new skin tones due to no template. I hope it’s released soon! :confounded:


I love these new skin tones, but I’m new to coding so I can’t get my tiny mind around it to make a new template. When is the new one coming out, because I need it really badly.


Same. I’m going to have the same problem I think, considering I have cc in all of my stories, and half of them are limelight