COMING SOON: Update to Limelight Skin Tones!


I’m not sure if they are the final colors, but apparently some colors are slightly darker and gold ish/red ish than the old ones. I had to change my characters skin tones, because they one they transitioned to, aren’t nowhere near to what they had.
Hmm yeahh, I thought all the colors of one family would be in one row, too… :woman_shrugging:t3:


Thats why i changed every character with that nose lol


It’s a CC character though, so if I change the nose, everyone will have it


I agree, they look dirty. I also had a character that was pale rose or something like that and now I can’t find anything suitable for her. I wanted her to be fairskinned with a little blushing, but nothing like that in the new list.


I know that there’s a few templates on this website: here


My story now has to be delayed because I can’t use the new skin tones due to no template. I hope it’s released soon! :confounded:


I love these new skin tones, but I’m new to coding so I can’t get my tiny mind around it to make a new template. When is the new one coming out, because I need it really badly.


Same. I’m going to have the same problem I think, considering I have cc in all of my stories, and half of them are limelight


If you haven’t checked out @Dara.Amarie 's templates they are amazing. Here’s a link to her post


Thank you!


Will you guys possibly be releasing more hairstyles for limelight in the future? :slight_smile:


In my opinion, Episode has done a decent job on the new “Limelight” style for episode in terms of coding, now it is much easier to change skin tone without having to go back and forth to see different names etc