Command's probleme


Hello !
I’ve a little problem…
I write this command :


music music_emotionalstringpop

@LANA stands screen center
@LANA is idle_happy
@pause for a beat

and I get:

I don’t understant why.
Can you help me please ?


Try specifying the zone? And did you update the script using the button on the screenshot’s sides?
Also, make sure the line that your clicking on when you start to try it out is the first one.


:wave: Hi !
How to specify the zone? Which button?
I launch the visualization from the beginning. (the problematic scene is the second in the chapter)


At the beginning, after you have your command about the background, write…
@Cut to zone 1

Also, modify your…
@Lana stands screen center
@Lana stands screen center in zone 1

Hopefully, that fixes it. If not, I’m happy to help. :))


thank you for your advice, I tried but it still does not work… I really don’t know why…


really? it’s not just a control problem?
I try a lot of things and when I remove the overlay it works,
there are backgrounds that are not addable with some overlay?
I thought everything was possible …
the problem is that without this overlay it absolutely ruins all the effect of the next scene … :disappointed_relieved:


Yes, apparently overlays doesn’t work on INT. BLACK - DAY/NIGHT. Maybe try upload your own black background?


problem solved!
I admit to being a little disappointed that the problem comes from the background, I think I was wrong to type a code or it missed something but no … compatibility problem between the overlay and the bachground.
Well, the effect is not great but I’m going to rework now that this problem is solved!
Thanks to both of you! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:



I try but the site did not want to take it because of the pixels, so I dropped but if you have a solution for it to go with the right number of pixels I’m taking! :smiley:


Here’s a black background:


That’s nice, I try but he does not take it either… thanks anyway ! :wink:


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