Comment a line, and I'll turn them into a song!


I’m trying to get into creating music, so I figured this would be a fun way to start.

You guys are going to write the song. Just post a line. It can be random or meaning ful. It doesn’t have to rhyme, either. Just say whatever comes to mind first.


Person 1: I have lots of homework to do.

Person 2: My dog is barking at the mailman.

Person 3: I love playing Episode!

You get it. Now, go! Say whatever the hell you want.

Edit: Y’all are getting creative as heck with these rhymes :joy: I guess I’ll wait until 30.

EditL I’m going to make two songs: One random one the way you all wrote it, and then one modified to be good.


Great idea! Moved this to Forum Games section (no need to turn this comment into a song!) :slight_smile:


I cry tears of lemonade


((you should totally do it tho))




His innocent eyes disintegrated my last shred of sanity.


Time is a social construct.


Abstraction is often one floor above you.


My MacBook’s dying… :battery::battery: :sob:


And I am crying… (lol I’m actually not just wanted to rhyme)


And nuggets are frying. (idk it rhymed)


My life is a mess, I’m wearing a dress…


Feel like the walls are caving from all the stress


She’s playing chess, that’s my best guess…


and I can’t see I guess I’m lonely


He said boldly, the one and only… lol that doesn’t make any sense.


and I have no cents


To pay my rents… So I climbed the fence…


but fell and hit my face… it hurt like hell


And fell in a well… I tried to yell… But I can’t smell…