Comment bar help

Okay so this is just something simple I need help with it. How do you write those comment bars at the top of the story. Yk like for example say somebody say something in spanish. The word bar would show up and tell you in it in english. How do you make that comment bar or whatever into the script?

ReaderMessage (Write here)
Don’t add )( when doing it.

ReaderMessage ( You put whatever you want to say here )

I don’t think it’s working

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Send a screenshot

ReaderMessage ( Alex is not his real name, it’s his middle name or Spencer. ) That’s what I’m typing.

It’s not working

music music_melancholy
@STEPHEN spot 1.356 270 0 AND STEPHEN faces left AND STEPHEN is idle_smoking AND SPENCER spot 1.325 50 0 AND SPENCER faces right AND SPENCER is think
@pause for 1

STEPHEN (talk_smoking)
What are you doing here, Alex?

ReaderMessage (Alex is not his real name, it’s his middle name. It’s not Spencer either.)

SPENCER (talk_exhausted)
One word. Mom. Explain.

STEPHEN (talk_happy_hand_raised)
Three words. Leave it alone. Okay?

no brackets that’s why





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