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Hey guys,
So I’m trying to collect good ideas for stories and try to write a good story, and I’d love it if you comment your ideas!
If you have an idea that you are currently using or is already published, I wouldn’t recommend sharing it :slight_smile:.


What genre do you want to write?

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:thinking: I’m not sure if what im about to say will make

What about if the characters live in a world where their soul are outside their bodies and are protrade as another character (maybe a different skin colour to identify them as souls.) or even fade them (although this would have to be done in every scene their souls are in How to "FADE" Characters

The souls must stay with the person at all times for example if a soul is taken too faraway they become dis attached causing the person to become very unwell until sliwly there is no life in them, as there soul has gone. When the soul dies the person dies and unless they can be reunited quickly it will result in death for both

The plot could be that some bad guy is stealing souls to make himself immortal as he has found away to attatch the souls onto himself.
And you have to track him down in order to save a loved one or even yourself.

Sorry if this sounds cheesy or confusing :joy::joy:

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Good question, actually. Sorry for not including it. I was thinking romance or drama, or even a mystery story or action story. Basically anything is fine :joy:

Wow! That is an interesting idea…I’ve never thought about something like that before…:thinking:

Glad you find it interesting, I couldn’t decide if it made any sense ha ha

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