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I’m trying to find png’s for my stories (rn trying to find a scar/blood png for a face injury) and i want to make sure that the websites i’m looking at aren’t only personal use/copyrighted.
Can someone please help by adding some webistes which are 100% ok for me to use in stories/are fine for commercial use but also free?!

I found PNGtree which says

Pngtree offers free for commercial use PNG and vector images, as well as transparant background free for commercial use clipart images and PSD files.

but also says

Pngtree ( pictures are designed by contracted designers. All the pictures of pngtree are copyrighted.

that’s pretty confusing now :melting_face:
For one overlay i found on this website, it says attribution is needed (i’ll assume that means credit ofc) but does that mean with credit i can use on episode?
And how would i credit if the method for credit given is a whole website link?

I don’t want to risk anything so any free commercial websites for png overlays? :face_in_clouds:

thank you!!!

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I 99.9% sure that pngtree is safe to use. I think when they say it’s copyrighted means you cant claim it as ur own. thats why when after u download they give a link for crediting. But because it’s being used on episode you could say in credit section “Some of the backgrounds and overlays used are from pngtree”

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Thank you!!

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Thank you!!!

Alright, thank you!! I’ll add the credits in like that then since it’d be easier and more useful than adding a not even clickable link! :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

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