Commission Art Cover

Hi I’m looking for a semi realistic art cover of 2 characters for my story

Everyone I message on instagram seem to be very judgemental of my instagram page, it’s new and I literally have 0 followers but I guess they assume because I’m not popular like their other customers that I’m scamming them or something…

It’s really annoying, I don’t see why they can’t just take my money but no apparently I have to have more than 20 k followers in order for them to take me seriously…

Very unprofessional biased artists in my opinion…


Wow that’s so mean of them.
I hope you find someone soon.
Anyway can I follow you on Instagram.
If you don’t mind at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure! I’ll follow back!

Give me your instagram

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My Instagram is daisyrodriguezepisode.

I’m so sorry to hear this is your experience with other artists! I don’t care how many followers someone has as long as they’re willing to pay me, and I try to be as polite as possible while conversing so my customers have the best experience :pray:t2:

If you’re still looking for a semi-realistic artist, here’s my Commissions thread with more info. I also recommend checking out my Instagram to see my most recent artworks. :heartbeat:


Price Chart


:sob: that sad and mean why would they need someone for follower for art :sob: that just sad @Vinte

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ahh… I can understand why they do that… we all have our insecurities…
But its mean of them in a way… lol… I always give one chance to customer to prove themselves…

but dont worry lol…
it is what it is…

Art thread

you can check mine thread here.

or just visit my page on insta. tessa_art.28

U can check out @cynthia.episode , @Jessica15 , @BB.Baby , @caitlindrewthis.


Thank you for the tag!

And yes I am open for commissions!




You can dm me on here or my insta @mighty_epi.
I reply faster on my insta as my notifications are on!
The art will be finished and given to you within 2-5 days!


My pleasure!! :blush:


thank you for the tag @BlackHearted <3

unfortunately some artists are like that because they want a higher exposure which they expect to get from people with followers. annoying i know

here’s a link to my thread where you can find all details


thank you for the tag @BlackHearted !
Hello! I am open for commissions
my instagram is epii.jessica
incase you’d like to contact me there


BG commission

Exclusive BG

Info & Price

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hello, i’m sorry you had to go through that. but my commissions are open and i’d love to help! here are my examples <3


Hi I make art covers, you can check my art style- Login • Instagram

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