Commission art/illustrations/neon edit ❤️

If uh want an art piece for episode, or a neon edit or illustration of yourself or your loved ones. (here I cn help uh with that)
Neon edit is edited art work not drawn.
Dm me on @_silver.epi :heart:
I tried my best to keep the prices affordable.

Drawn art for episode

Prices for art

I can also draw upto knee for INR 1250 for single character and INR 2000 for two characters

Neon edit

Price for neon edit

INR 850


Prices for illustrations

INR 950 (without facial feature)
INR 1050 (with facial features)

(neon edit and illustration are for personal use and not for episode.)

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Hey! I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure you cant charge for edited work like this, because the images you’re editing dont belong to you and are copyrighted.


Hi! It is against the rules of episode to sell edited pictures. You aren’t allowed to make money from edits

Hey I’ve seen the first edited picture before, a creator on YouTube did one that looks almost identical to this one her name is MijAdrian, it seems like you’ve just copied her edit, please don’t do this, it’s extremely rude.

The original

The edited example given


She was previously told by @line123462 that she cannot charge for edited work so maybe she forgot? I know it’s not allowed, but either way I don’t think it would feel right to charge for something you’re just editing :woman_shrugging:

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I know I can’t charge… But they have to use it for personal use not commercial… Cuz doing edited art doesn’t mean it doesn’t take effort… One neon edit takes me 7 hours… Also for illustrations they r also personal use. So I don’t think charging for my hardwork is wrong

I have added it in another topic that it’s mijadrian video you tube tutorial… :two_hearts: I draw it completely. I m going to even post this on my insta.
Okay one more thing… I didn’t copied it… Being a beginner in digital art ws difficult for me… So I just wanted to start doing it… This ws the first one… Every beginner or learner do copy sometimes

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The edited work is for personal use… Like uh can send me ur pic… I cn edit it for uh…
Same goes for illustrations

Okay, well sorry about that I didn’t know since you just now edited your post to say (only for personal use) :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I did… Cuz it was creating chaos…

No, not chaos…before you edited your post no one knew that if was for personal use only, we we’re just trying to inform you that edited work isn’t allowed


Hi there! I’m sorry if I’m wrong about this, but is this lineart traced?


The pictures you posted on your Instagram as your references look very similar. It looks like you’ve traced different parts of each reference photo.
I get if you’re a beginner, tracing things can be helpful, but just letting you know that you can’t sell it if it is. (:

I don’t trace

So you have not used these two pieces of art to create it?



I took it as a reference not traced it… Nd I don’t have to explain myself like that… Where people are like uh cnt take money for edited work or ur work is traced I know how much efforts I put in them… Even being a beginner I try my best provide best art possible according to my level… So basically saying me all these things…is pretty much discouraging

Selling edited work is against the copyright rules of episode. Your edits are good and it’s nice that you can do stuff like that. But you cannot sell them to make money. You can only sell drawing stuff that is 100% drawn by you without tracing.

Selling edited work like this can get you suspended from episode sites…

I don’t mean to discourage you at all. I think you’ve traced parts of them, because if you look at the brunette girls face and the hands on the second reference, they are practically identical to yours. Plus the face of the red haired girl on yours is the same as the ginger girl on the reference. I understand that tracing things can help you get better, what I’m saying is you can’t sell it if you are doing that.
I know you may put lots of effort into them, and I encourage you to keep going with your art, but at the moment you are saying you are a beginner, and parts of the lineart look traced, and if that is the case it can’t be sold. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Edited and illustration are not for episode.