Commission Art [OPEN]- Tesbie! (FREE edits, CC, bgs/ov and Maps)

but u said urself… that u want… messy sock bun…

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oh shit lol i didn’t realise .p.

no problem…

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will def request again in future :slight_smile:
Instagram credits or forums?


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What is it? (Splash, cover or something?)
So I can select the size for it

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yepp a splash

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hey! i dont mean to rush but how long might it take you to make an edit? i need this cover for my swy contest story so i kinda need it a little urgently but i don’t want to rush you too much

it depends on the pose. you want
Maximum it takes 5-6 days. (if its urgent it can be done in 3 days)

completed with your rqst.
If u want any changes then let me know.


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thank you luv :heart_eyes: here is another award for u :trophy:

hihi thanks for the Award :joy:

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new examples added!!

New exam.


wow i love them!

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How much would a cover be

tysm girly!

It depends on the length (body) and how many characters u want in it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

price chart