Commission artist Drawing cover art/ect! (OPEN)

Hey My name is Freda. I’m a professional digital artist and I’m taking commissions at the moment for anyone who is interested in their cover art being drawn.

My Art

Some of the art I created, Sorry for the watermark a couple of individuals have stolen my art in the past. Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:

You can see some of the drawings on my instagram @Fredaarts
Link: Login • Instagram
(The first drawing is the OC of my upcoming webtoon )

My prices ranges from $50-$100 depending of what type of art you want from the examples above.

If you are interested you can either Pm me on here or Dm me on Instagram @Fredaarts so we can negotiate on a price we both can agree on!


Do you have commission prices? Like base prices.

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For a piece like the first one Im charging around $15-$30
But for one like the other 2 I charge $30-$50 because deals with rendering and takes up to about 10 hours to do. Although if the prices are too high for a few people we can negotiate to make the prices lower.



oooo they are lengggggggggggggggggggggggggg :weary: :heart_eyes:

bump!! : :blob_hearts:

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Damn your art is amazing but I’m broke af :sob::sob:


Examples updated!

Bump, new art and information. (OPENS MAY 20TH)
But you can request now!


Bump (Updates)