Commission Artists - Anime Style?

Hey! I’ve worked with many cartoonish and semi realistic artists so I thought I’d give the “anime style” a try as well. if you are or know any please comment below.

I’m also in Canada so I’m willing to pay $50.00 CAD which is around $40-$45.00 USD

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Actually I am really new to anime digital art but I have got some should I share you my examples

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yes of course!

@/playingwithapencil art on ig is gorgeous so maybe check her out (:


thank you!

dilyakum on ig

I can’t say this anime but I just wanted to show :upside_down_face:


N dis is a wip

Sry if u didn’t wanted to c😗


Half body -$15
Full body-$22

the prices are cad for ur convenience :blush:

Hello dear. I’m a digital artist and I’d be happy to create something for you. Anime style isn’t my usual but I’ve done some before even for commissions so i can adapt my work with that is asked.
Feel free to check out my prices and infos on Instagram. Anime style would be the same price as “my style” (you find this on the highlights)
If you don’t use Instagram tell me and I’ll send the details through message here.
Have a nice day :sparkles: