Commission Question

So I have a question.
I am a minor and I do digital art. I am also writing my own story and my cover was drawn by me.
People saw my cover and they said I could take commissions.
How do commissions work, how to I receive my commissions especially as a minor?


commissions are when you do a specific piece of art requested by somebody who will pay you.
if you are a minor, not sure how it works - I think you just set up a paypal account, decide on prices, and you do art for people who request it from you and pay you for it.

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i take all my payments through cash app and paypal and i’ve not had any issues with that! (i’m also a minor)

if you’d like any help on a price list and how to get started you can pm me and i’ll try to help :slight_smile:


please I really do!

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You could set up an email specifically for commissions where people can list then details of what they want done and you can discuss it with them (you can also have it via PM/DM too). A lot of artists have an email advertised on their profile somewhere, usually in their bio or on their commission posts.

I’ve commissioned a minor before who regularly takes commissions, for an art work and we discussed it through a private chat. I paid her via PayPal and she sent me the final work through email. :blush:

Thank youuu

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So probably need to set my prices a mail and figure out how to use via paypal

would you pay for art like that…?honestly?

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Yes, really. Your style is beautiful and I definitely think people would pay for it.

Thank you so much.
I really hope that I will make commissions in the future!

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do you have maybe the contact of the minor you worked with I have so many Questions


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you could either make a post here for commissions and make a form for people to fill out, or you could link a google form in your bio so it’s more private. commissions are basically where you make art for someone and they pay you for your artwork. you could use paypal if one of your parents has it (you need to be 18+ for it and they need you social security number) or you could use venmo (my personal preference). with venmo, you don’t need your ssn and you can link it to a parents card unless you have one (you can get one if you’re 13+) and in that case they can pay it directly to your card. hope this helped! :upside_down_face:

also, do you think you could send a picture of your cover? i’m curious because i’d like to start doing commissions but i’m still not sure if i quite have the artistic abilities.

oh it’s great thank you :upside_down_face:

thank you!

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Sure! Her Instagram is @bapplebubble and don’t be intimated by her large following baha. I think I commission her when she was 15 and she had a lot less followers then (maybe around 12k or smth), but I’m glad to see that she’s grown so much. You could too. (:

Good luck with your commissions!

Thank you c: I am not sure tho if I could make it ahh

I was just looking for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you need any help I could help also💚